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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This is my first time to post a haulIt's not that I am not a fan of haul posts, I actually like reading hauls because it is one of where I get ideas what to try next. I am not posting hauls because I don't know what to put in it. I am not a huge shopper. Whenever I go out to impulsively buy something, I always end up with one item or if lucky, two. But these items are worth a post. I can't find a good title for this so just to give it  a try, I categorized it under hauls. :) Please bear with me, I am new in doing this.

These came with the birthday package my Mama Beng sent me. She is my aunt, a sister of my father. Ever since, she treats me like her own. She never forgets my birthday and any special occasion. I love her to bits. I thank God that even if my Mama is now in heaven, Mama Beng is and will always be here for me.

Kiko Cosmetics is a product of Italy. I am not quite sure if their products are sold in other countries, though. They offer a wide array of products, from primers to make-up accessories. The first Kiko Cosmetics' product I owned was their bronzer. It worked good! I was just too shy to ask for a new stock. The bronzer was then followed by a concealer which I truly love and always use in my tutorials. As far as those two products are concerned, I love Kiko Cosmetics!

These are the close-up looks of my new Kiko Cosmetics babies:
Cream eyeshadows:

Lip gloss:
(I can't find this in the website!)



I will make a separate review on each product. :)

For more information about Kiko Cosmetics:

Till then!

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  1. I've never heard of KiKo cosmetics before. will definitely be waiting for your reviews on these products.

  2. Cool! I think I've heard of this brand before :) Looking forward to your review/swatches :D

    BTW, I'm having a giveaway right now. Check it out if you're interested :) http://bit.ly/mF25vk

  3. Ohhh!the packaging looks classy tho I've never heard of KiKo before. :)

  4. I love reading hauls! :) I never heard of the brand beefore but I'm excited to read your review:)

  5. I have tried one of their cheek tints c/o Babyjap, a fellow blogger. It's so nice and pretty but it broke me out. :(

    Review of the mascara, please. :P

  6. yeah, havent heard this but looking forward to your review


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