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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Neo Day Spa | A Heaven in the Metro

Only my immediate family and my colleagues could tell how busy I am. Juggling a full-time work with a part-time job and a whole lot of sidelines is not a joke. Not to mention, I have a graduate school to attend to. My body is tired. My brain is burnt. No, I am not complaining and never will I complain. I love every single thing on my plate! I am just physically exhausted and I know, soon, I will get over with it... with all my glory!

In the midst of busy work days and stressful life in the city, I always find myself asking for (1) some additional hours, on top of the 24 hours that we have, to work on my requirements, (2) a day that I will just do nothing but play with my dogs, and (3) a relaxation treat. The first two are beyond impossible so only my third wish was granted through a complete body treatment.

A few weeks ago, on the same week I was drowning in my work and grad school requirements, I got to experience a heaven in the metro, Neo Day Spa. Because heaven won't be as fun if you do not have someone to share it with, I invited my good friend and equally-busy colleague, Loren, to come with me.

I did not expect that the busy streets of BGC has a zen place like Neo Day Spa. The relaxing scent of oils and the calming music welcomed us as we entered. While waiting, we indulged in the different warm teas the spa has to offer. My favorite was the Ginger-Lemongrass tea. Believe me, it was to die for!

The Zen Spa Package Treatment marries Zen Body Treatment (body scrub and wrap) and Zen Bodywork (90-minute massage). The treatment allows the client to choose the scrub to use so I went with Green Tea for its antioxidant properties while Loren chose Wasabi for toxins elimination.
It did not take long for us to be ushered to the common locker/shower room. It was small but very functional! There were two shower areas, a sauna, a sink and a few lockers. After taking a quick bath, we changed into the robes and hopped into the slippers provided. I, personally, adore the shower rooms. There was nothing fancy but everything one needs to prep is in there.
The shower rooms have bath gels and shampoos.
I wanted to hop in the sauna but we were more excited for the massage!
Lockers for safekeeping of belongings.
For some reasons, I managed to be quiet! :)
After all the pre-treatment preparations, we went to the treatment room where we were given (again) a cup of tea. That part, I believed, was to soothe our internals. 

Low light photo taken by my phone
As much as I wanted to explore the room, the moment I laid my body on the bed and the treatment started, I lost my mind. All I could remember was how good the treatment was! Each and every scrub lead to a door in heaven. We were so relaxed that we fell asleep during the body wrap part. Oh the massage? It was perfect. It was what my body needed. The pressure was perfect, the strokes were on point.

It was my favorite me-time as of date. It was what I needed. To say I was relaxed was an understatement. I went out with a huge grin and with a body ready for the battle. I will sure be back... soon!

I wanted to know what Loren thought of the experience so I asked her to blog about it too. Here it is! Let us give her a warm welcome to the blogging world!


I was having a really stressful and tiring couple of weeks when my blogger colleague and friend Jessa invited me to get a massage with her. It felt like a sign from the heavens that I needed to recharge and take a break. I did not hesitate. I instantly replied a big fat YES to her text message. 

                You will be instantly relaxed upon entering Neo Day Spa. The lighting in the reception area was perfectly dimmed creating a calming mood. It also helped that it smelled of soothing aroma. We were asked to choose our scrub for our Zen Body Treatment. Jessa went with Green Tea while I chose Wasabi. It seemed like an odd choice but the smell of the Wasabi scrub was amazing! It has a very relaxing smell and it also gave off a rejuvenating aroma. They served drinks in the reception. Jessa and I feasted on their lemon grass ginger tea. It was the perfect intro to our spa treatment. 

                After enjoying our tea, we were called upstairs. We changed to robes in their small yet cozy bathroom. We were then directed to the massage area. There were two massage tables in the room so I’m guessing it’s their couples’ massage room. Our therapists began with our body scrub treatment. After scrubbing my entire body, I had to be covered in a plastic wrap. After some time, we were asked to shower to remove the scrub. My skin felt like a baby’s bum. It was flawlessly smooth! I couldn’t be happier. And we aren’t even done! If the appetizer was already satisfying, imagine how the entrĂ©e would be?
                I honestly couldn’t remember that last time I had a satisfying full body massage. And by satisfying I mean leaving me feeling all relaxed and recharged during and afterwards. I reckoned this would be a tall order since I’m a girl with high expectations.

                I’m really happy I experienced these with Neo Day Spa. It’s quite impressive since I had my expectations before Jessa and I entered their establishment. I was experiencing back pains for a while already and I wanted them relieved by my masseuse.  I also wanted this spa experience to be a short escape from my busy life. And boy, it was! 

 -- Loren Gill


Neo Day Spa
26th Street Corner 3rd Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines 
(02) 815 6948

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Get Glowing with Jergens Skincare Fair + Jergens Hydrating Coconut Lotion Review | #GetGlowingWithJergens

Jergens has been a staple in our household. When my mom was still alive and was on the peak of her skincare addiction (I got it from her, huh?!), she would stock up on Jergens lotions, in different variants, in her vanity table. Honestly, I didn't see she used any other brand of lotion. She loves Jergens and I think I know why.
Last September 5, 2015, Jergens transformed the middle section of Araneta Center Gateway Mall for #GetGlowingWithJergens Skincare Fair. College students and skincare enthusiast from all over the metro gathered in the event to experience activities that would help achieve and maintain glowing skin from inside and out. 

MYX VJ Ai Dela Cruz, PBA courtside reporter Mara Aquino and Yogi Erika Padilla graced the event to share their tried and tested skincare tips. They reiterated the importance of caring for the skin especially the use of lotion.

Coy Cordova taught typography to the participants. The inner artist in me was very tired that day, thus, no beautiful output from me. Excuses! Hahaha! But other participants highly enjoyed the activity as they were able to stroke the words Glow, Shine, Live, Learn, Breathe and Happy.

Skin consultations were conducted to give advice on skincare. Experts helped the participants in  knowing the proper nutrition that would be beneficial for the skin and informed them what Jergens variant would best suit their skin type.

Everyone was treated with refreshments inspired by some of the Jergens variants. My favorite was the coconut water. It was so hydrating and indeed, refreshing!

One of the highlights of the event was the launch of the newest Jergens variant, The Hydrating Coconut Lotion.

This Hydrating Coconut has the infusion of coconut oil and coconut water that makes the skin feel soft and highly moisturized. The participants of the #GetGlowingWithJergens were privileged to try it and everyone loved it!

The universe knows how much of a coconut fan I am. I can drink coconut juice and eat its meat everyday so you don't know how interested I was in slathering coconut lotion on my skin.

This variant gives the same moisturizing and softening effect as other Jergens variants do but the standout, for me at least, is its scent. The concoction of coconut and other essences made it smell refreshingly and heavenly good that I cannot stop myself from smelling my own skin! I always get compliments when I use it. Actually, there are times I would skip on using perfume just because the scent of Jergens Hydrating Coconut Lotion is enough for me.

I have shared how important it is for one to slather on lotion on to your skin and now, I encourage you to try the ones from Jergens because they do wonders on the skin. Oh, you will love the scents to for sure! If you trust me enough, get the Hydrating Coconut one!

*Some photos were from Digify Corp.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Canon Pro Night: Fashion Revolution

If you are like me who likes to browse for social media feeds on fashion (and beauty, of course) and read fashion and beauty blogs, then you would have also noticed how fashion photography has raised its game. Everything looks so on point that it made me realized that a good set of photographs requires not just talent but also a right set of imaging solutions.

Just recently, I had the privileged to attend Canon Pro Night: Fashion Revolution, an event where Canon showcased suit of solutions to bring forth a whole new dimension to fashion photography.

Canon, the leading imaging and printing provider, ensures that they keep up with and enhance the craft of photographers, and that can be clearly seen by the array of imaging products they offer -- from camera units to other accessories -- to allow them to be the best at what they are doing. 

Canon Crusaders of Light members, professional photographers and photography enthusiasts gathered in Canon Pro Night to exchange and share knowledge, tips, tricks and techniques on photography. Every corner of the hall was filled with insightful sharings where one would sure learn.

An Open Shoot was done to give consumers a chance to try fashion photography. There were Canon units and lenses available for testing which were coupled with printers that allowed consumers bring home their shots.

Of course, I gave fashion photography a try to see if I have a knack for it. Here are my outputs, which are way to low-level compared to others. I need to practice, huh?

The event's highlight was the Shoot Out between Wesley Villarica and Sara Black, topnotch photographers. Their skills were partnered with an array of Canon cameras and accessories, thus, stunning images were produced despite challenging settings.
Well-know photographers like Jun De Leon and Ibarra Deri also graced the event. They were so generous on their knowledge that they shared their expertise on lighting, portrait photography, and advertising beauty shots.

I was able to spot Jun De Leon in the event but I was too chicken to ask for a photo. So, please forgive this paparazzi shot! When will I be photographed by legends? :)

And what is a Canon event without great deals and treats? Loyalists enjoyed Canon's exclusive sale with P10,000 worth of rebate on select cameras and lenses while camera units were also on sale up to 70% off! The sale will continue up to October 10-11 as the Canon booth extends their presence at the Samsung Hall Foyer, SM Aura. For more details, visit www.canon.com.ph/promo/manilaphoto2015.
For more information on Canon's suite of imaging and printing solutions, please visit www.canon.com.ph and interact with the brand at www.facebook.com/canonphils, www.twitter.com/canonphils and www.instagram.com/canonphils.


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