Friday, April 10, 2015

Put Color in Your Eyes with Freshlook Dailies | Freshlook One-Day Color Contact Lenses

It was on my first year  in high school when I started having poor eyesight. I can no longer remember what were the symptoms that led me in getting eyeglasses to mimic perfect vision but I can still vividly remember how I would intentionally leave my specs at home. I would force myself to read texts and look at things just because I  hated wearing my not-so-cool eyeglasses. But when the time came that everything looked blurred, I had no choice but to put on my dorky-looking eyeglasses. I needed to see the world with a pair that I never liked.

I have had cooler sets of frames when I was in college but still, I didn't wear them as often as needed. I would keep up with blurry surroundings on gimmick nights because eyeglasses didn't have a space in a room full of people wearing stylish clothes and on fleek makeup. Yeah, I would rather see blah than look as if I was studying  in a bar.

But then again, the time came that my eyesight became worst that I could not even see myself clearly in the mirror unless I put my face an inch away from it. That was the time I got myself my first pair of graded contact lenses. For a few months, I wore clear contact lenses until I saw a friend wearing colored ones and boy, it looked good! I was so amazed that I went to a local eye doctor that afternoon. On that same afternoon, I went home with my very set of Freshlook Dailies in Pure Hazel. 

And that story was long! But to cut it short, my affair with contact lenses started with Freshlook and up to this very moment, it is still my go-to brand when it comes to contact lenses. Actually, I haven't worn any contact lens aside from the ones from Freshlook.  I am into it so much that I have 4 shades of Dailies and 2 shades of Illuminate.

Today, let me talk about Freshlook One-Day Color Contact Lenses also known as the Dailies.

 Dailies comes in a box of 10 or simply, 5 pairs. As the name implies, these are 1-day disposable contact lenses perfect for those who want to change eye color often, like me. Each lens is housed in a container filled with lens fluid to maintain freshness and cleanliness.

Freshlook Color Contact Lenses has 3-in-1 technology that creates a natural effect when worn. The outer layer of color defines the eyes, the middle layer gives color while the innermost layer adds depth and richness.

Dailies comes in 13.8 diameter, just enough to cover the entire iris but definitely would not give a doll-eye look. The lenses are so thin that makes it very comfortable to use.

People often ask me why do I prefer Dailies over those that can be reused for months/years. Well, simple thing, I like changing my eye color often, thus, using Freshlook Dailies/1-day disposable lenses is the most practical thing to do. Don't get me wrong, I do have reusable lenses but only in clear ones which I just keep in my work desk and in my bag for emergency cases. :)

I am so in love with Freshlook Dailies that I have 4 shades -- Pure Hazel, Blue, Gray, and Green -- which I alternately use depending on my mood and the look I am going for. I planning to get the other shades too! These are how the Freshlook Dailies look on me:



I am so glad I have stepped into the world of contact lenses. Not just because I can see clearly but also because I can look differently just by popping a pair in my eyes. :)

How do you think circle lenses look on me? I got to try one soon! :)

Do you wear contact lenses? What kind?

♥ Jes ♥

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Look: No Makeup | Tutorial

Now that the we are already feeling the intense summer heat, wearing layers of makeup when we go out is a NO! It is hot and humid outside and the least thing we want to happen is our makeup sliding off our faces. This summer, less is more. The 'No Makeup' makeup look is the answer for us to look good without piling makeup.

Let me give you my share on how to do the 'No Makeup' makeup look.

Start off with a cleaned-toned-moisturized face. 
It doesn't mean that it's hot, we would skip our normal skincare routine to avid piling. Make sure to apply sunblock more than you normally would.

Lightly fill in the brows. 
For someone who is fond of drawing in her eyebrows, this part is a challenge. Here, I used the K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil 24H in the shade 103 Grayish Brown. Since my hair is black, this shade looks perfect. I skipped the defining and the shading part. I just fill in the sparse areas to make my brows look full. Yes, my brows still looks drawn but believe me, this is the most natural way I can do it.

Even out the skin. Conceal imperfections.
May it be powder, liquid or cream, foundation or BB cream, it doesn't matter. Again, we want to achieve the no makeup makeup look so avoid those heavy coverage face makeup. It's okay it some of the blemishes are still peeking through as that would make the look even more natural-looking. 

For this, I used a combination of the Etude House CC Cream and the Kiko Medium Foundation. The CC cream gives a bit of glow and the foundation evens out my skin. I decided to not use a concealer and let my scars (which now look like freckles) to show up.

Apply cream blush.
Cream blushes look more natural, for me, at least. So dab a small amount on the apples of the cheeks and slowly blend away with the heat of your fingers.

Apply a bit of powder.
We want to keep everything looking matte so a dash of powder on the T-zone and cheeks area is a must.
Lightly contour face. Highlight.
Only if necessary. My big face badly needs some contour so make it look natural, I kept the contour just on the sides my face. Also, avoid contours for it looks too much for this look. 

Neutralize the color of the eyes.
Actually, we can skip this step. But to add dimension, I used an eyeshadow that is a shade darker than my lids.

Line the eyes.
Skip the black, winged liner. We only need a bit of definition so lightly line the eyes with a brown liner. Smudge it for a natural effect. To open up the eyes, I used a flesh-colored eyeliner on the inner rim. You can skip this step if you wish to.
Apply mascara.
This is the saver of this look. Do not dare to skip this part, please. I don't know how, but the mascara amps up the look making it glamorous than expected. I used the Maybelline Great Lash in this look. See how a layer instantly opens up my eyes. Review of it will be up soon!

Stain the lips.
Yes, just stain. Toss out your bold lipsticks for now because this look calls for something that looks natural. You don't have a lip stain? Don't worry. Here's a trick: Apply a layer of your red lipstick and let it stay for a minute. After, wipe it off with a tissue. The pigments of the red lipstick will stain the lips!

Fix your hair and you're done!

We don't need a lot of makeup to look good. Or maybe we do for days we want to look good without piling layers of makeup, then the No Makeup makeup look is an instant fix.

Are you with me in rocking this kind of look this summer? Oh, I might tweak it a bit by going with my defined brows ah? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Girl Stuff Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection

If you have been a longtime reader of this blog, then you have probably seen Girl Stuff on some of my posts on nail polishes. I am no expert when it comes to nail polishes but I think I am bright enough to know and identify the good ones and definitely, Girl Stuff polishes belong to that group.

Last week, Girl Stuff launched its newest collection of polishes in collaboration with the finest bloggers in Manila -- the Girl Stuff Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection. The event was held at Stacy's, BGC. Though I was on a supposed vacation mode on that day, I made sure to show up in support of of the brand and my bloggers friends, Nikki and Jackie, who are part of the tie-up.

Girl Stuff is a local brand that produces topnotch nail polishes when it comes to quality and affordability. Girl Stuff polishes are free from the 5 harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polishes -- toulene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin and camphor -- so we are sure that our nails are safe from any possible damage. As for me, Girl Stuff polishes never turned my nails yellow despite wearing it for more than a week. It does not chip too!
What can you expect from a nail polish event? Well, a lot of nail polish enthusiasts going gaga on nail polishes while munching on good food. There were displays of Girl Stuff polishes and nail art materials everywhere that I almost sneaked some into my purse. Good thing, my angel reminded me that stealing is a crime and that Girl Stuff polishes are so affordable I can just buy it anytime I want.

The Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection has nail polishes inspired and named after 4 of Manila's finest beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs -- AskMeWhats, Topaz Horizon, Go Jackie Go and Strutting on Sunshine.

AskMeWhats | Topaz Horizon | Strutting on Sunshine | Go Jackie Go

Resembling Nikki's cheerful vibe, the shade AskMeWhats is a feminine pink color with a slight hint lilac undertone. The shade Go Jackie Go, is a lime green shade that works well with all skin tone. Strutting on Sunshine is a standout for its brilliance and vibrant sky blue shade. And the chartreuse shade, a bright, happy, and fun shade of yellow, is inspired by and named Topaz Horizon.

Here are the beautiful girls behind the blogs and the nail polish colors with Janina Tan, the queen of Girl Stuff:

I was not able to try the nail polishes during the event but I will sure rock the colors, alternately, on the coming weeks. Each nail polish is just Php120.00 a pop, by the way. 

Here's Char of Yellow Yum having her nail art done by the amazing Ariann Ugale (@ariannyani)!

For more information on Girl Stuff, visit and follow @girlstufforever on Instagram.


♥ Jes ♥

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Monday, April 6, 2015

What's New? -- Etude House | Leaders | Maybelline | Nekkid | Burt's Bees | Atlas Towels | SAC People

Back to work, Monday! Well, not for me as I have these days off from work. Perks of a teacher! Woohoo! But I will be back to burning my a** at work sooner than I can imagine so I must be productive, blogging-wise, on my days off.

Today, I will be sharing with you the newest products from some brands. When I was temporarily out of the blogging world, I was still lucky enough to be sent some products from review and feature. My heart is filled with gratitude! Thank you! Most of these items are already in the roll of the products I am currently using and loving so expect a review soon.

Every month, Etude House Philippines has a set of new releases and product features. For April 2015, the products are one's best bet for summer. There is no need to worry for these products will sure make you look fab on your vacation photos while protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun.

The Sugar Tint Balm (Php348.00) gives color to the lips without the heavy and drying feel of lipstick. The combination of tint and balm moisturizes and softens the lips while giving it a dose of summer vibe.

Sunprise (Php478.00 - Php678.00) is a sunscreen with SPF 50+ packed with anti-aging and antioxidants.

And the product I am most excited about has arrived in our shores! I came across Etude House's video on Beauty Shot face Blur (Php898.00) a few months ago and that made me want to try it. Face Blur claims to be a primer with 3-in-1 effects similar to camera apps -- smoothing, pore-hiding and tone up.

Have you heard of Leaders Cosmetics? Well, I haven't until I received these facial masks a few weeks ago. Leaders makes Korea's best-selling dermatologically-tested masks. I am pretty sure that Korean brands make good, if not the best, facial masks and I cannot be any happier to know that the top-brand of facial masks is already in the Philippines. Here are some of Leaders' best-sellers:

Teatree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask (Php 98.00)
A teatree-based mask which contains organic birch, olive, and hazelnut extracts. The combination of these ingredients heal and soothe damaged skin. The birch extract also exfoliates the skin, while the olive oil extract locks in moisture. The Teatree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask is recommended for irritated and sensitive skin due to acne.
Aloe Soothing Skin Renewal Mask (Php 98.00)
The ever-changing Philippine weather can really take a toll on the skin, making it dry and tired. Grab an Aloe Soothing Skin Renewal Mask! This soothing mask contains organic aloe leaf extract known for its skin tightening and soothing effects. It also contains cactus extract which supplies lost moisture in the skin.
Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask (Php 148.00)
If your skin looks dull and uneven due to stress and environmental factors, then the Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask is for you. This special mask contains functional whitening ingredients which brightens and evens out your skin tone. The mask also moisturizes and removes blemishes, leaving your skin more radiant and youthful.
AC-Dressing Skin Clinic Mask (Php 148.00)
Acne is a common skin care problem, usually accompanied by excessive sebum production, large pores, irritation, and skin redness. The AC-Dressing Skin Clinic Mask is a good solution to these skin care problems. This mask soothes irritated skin and, at the same time, reduces blemishes and scars.

As part of Maybelline's 100th year, the brand brought back one of their most popular and well-loved mascaras -- the Great Lash Mascara! Achieve fuller lashes with just a few swipe of this mascara. Maybelline makes the best affordable mascara and for sure, the Great Lash is no exception. This is not famous around the world for nothing.

I got this from Sample Room!

The Burt's Bees Radiance Skincare line is no longer new in the market but it is in my skincare stash so it is here. I am so in love with the Burt's Bees Daisy White that I craved in trying out more skincare products from the brand. I am all hopes that this would help in bringing out the radiance in my skin!

You can now purchase your Burt's Bees must-haves online! Just sign up for an account at and start shopping for your favorites without going out of your house!

Sample Room never fails to introduce, to me at least, new products in the market. In the recently concluded Sample Room's BBQ Cookout Party Atlas Towels, Nekkid and SAC People were just some of the brands that sponsored the event.

Do you need a towel that dries quick, absorbs water well, and is lightweight? Then Atlas Towels has the answer! It is not an ordinary towel for it is made of revolutionary microfiber material that dries quick, absorbs well and is compact and lightweight! It comes in two sizes: Bath (40cm x 80cm) and Sports (60cm x 120cm).

If you are into skincare made from natural ingredients, then you will sure love Nekkid. Nekkid is the brainchild of Sabs of The Makeup Maven, a fellow beauty blogger and a skincare enthusiast. All products of Nekkid are paraben and additive-free making everything safe to use.

SAC People believes that even the smallest habits can create the biggest change to make the world a better place. SAC People creates designer bags that come in variety of shapes and colors, and can carry up to 20kg. Eco-bag need not to look shabby for SAC People bag can do the job in a stylish way. Oh, all bags conveniently fold up to fit our everyday bags!

These are just some of the products I just received. Is there anything that you are most interested about? Comment below for your review requests or anything! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An Awesome Start of Summer: Sample Room BBQ Party!

I know, I know. I have been out of sync these past few days that I cannot find time to, well, blog. I have tons of products up for review and gazillion posts to share. And now that we are on the last day of March, the teacher in me can somehow have temporary leave while the beauty-lover in me takes over! I'll deal with all my backlogs starting today and let me start with the event that jump started my summer.

If there's is one invitation I would never say no to, it would be an invitation from Sample Room. I love the group so much that I normally would rearrange my schedule just to fit whatever event they have. Three Saturdays ago, the beautiful girls of Sample Room (Hi Sophie, Nats, Diana and Kaths!) organized a BBQ Cook Out party for their Partner Bloggers and Blogger Circle members. I am always looking forward to the annual Sample Room getaway that I ditched my MA class on that day just to be with some of my favorite girls.

It took us 4 hours to get to Wilson's Place, Tagaytay. All thanks to the PNP event that turned the road as their parking slots. All the bad vibes were shooed away when we entered the vicinities of Wilson's Place. Everything is so beautiful as if you are not in the midst of Tagaytay chaos.

The pictures I took will, sure, not give justice on how beautiful Wilson's Place is. I got so mesmerized with the place that I am considering it to be a venue of a special event. Ehem!

What's the best way to start a fun-filled day? Through sharing of God's words! He is the reason behind all the blessings we receive and by that, He deserves all the praises! Thank you, Sophie, for always starting our events with reflections!

After settling our things in the rooms, we were ushered to the dining area for lunch. Can I just say that I indulged my stomach with a week worth of food on that day? Sad, I don't have pictures of the lunch we had but believe me, the Cereal Shrimp Balls are worth the long drive to Wilson's Place!

Having lunch before getting in our swimsuits was a wrong move. We all battled with the idea of just lounging in the room after eating because the lap pool was so irresistible! Too bad the red flag was up that day but I still changed into my swimsuit. Feeling lang!

Belo Essentials SunExpert got us covered! We didn't have to worry about getting burned nor damaging our skin because we were protected with Belo sunblocks! These sun protections are very lightweight and do not feel greasy on the skin. 

Just recently, the Ultragentle Sheer Spray joined the line of my favorite sunblocks. This variant is strong enough to protect your skin from the sun but gentle enough even for kids. I'll talk more about the Belo Essentials SunExpert on a separate post.

Here's Shen using the Belo Essentials SunExpert Ultragentle Sheer Spray on Kumi

Have you heard of UPF? Well, sun protection no longer just relies on sunblocks because it can also be given by clothing and umbrellas! You read that right! Belo Essentials SunExpert has just release SunBrella, a fashionable dome-shaped umbrella that has UPF 50! It filters out about 97% of UV rays. Isn't that cool?

After slapping our skin with sun protection, some of us jumped into the pool while others dove into a pool of .... food! Donna and I weren't able to swim with our loves so we just lounged in the area and ate.

Oh we also channeled the fashion bloggers in us! But apparently, we failed.


It was past 5PM when we left Wilson's Place and yet again, that summer getaway was something to remember. 

Sample Room is not just a site where you can get samples for free. It is also a site where you can get to know people whom you will later on call as friends! Awesome, right? Don't get left behind! Sign up at and start getting samples and knowing beautiful people!

Thank you Sample Room and all the sponsors that made the event possible! Now, what's up for our 2016 summer getaway? :)

Beautiful girls!

♥ Jes ♥

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