Sunday, August 16, 2015

Let It Go with C-Lium Fibre | Daily Diet Must Have

It is not easy to let go, for me, at least. It takes time for me to get rid of those things that once gave me wonderful memories. It takes me days, sometimes even weeks, to let it all go naturally. But most often than not, I can no longer hold it. My inside, sometimes, wants to burst out so there would be space to breathe. Believe me, it is not, and never will be, easy to be constipated.

It takes me a minimum of 3 days to go naturally. Gross as it may seem but that it is how my body is designed, I think. Regardless of how much I eat and drink, the undigested food in my stomach always decides to stay in. Being scientifically inclined, I know the danger of having waste materials, more so ,toxins, overstaying in the body so I had to seek for help. I have tried various methods -- drinking tons of water, taking prescriptions and changing dietary and exercises -- but nothing seemed to work. Good thing, I did not give up on the quest on looking for my digestion hero because a random trip to the drugstore lead me to my diet best buddy, the C-Lium Fibre Food Supplement.

The most natural way to cleanse is to include fiber in our diet. I am nowhere near healthy, so I am definitely sure that I don't have enough fiber in my daily intake. That is where C-Lium Fibre comes in to work.

C-Lium Fibre comes in 2 forms -- Husk and Capsule. I have tried both and  I opt for husk since I always associate capsules with medicines. Every morning, I would start my day by drinking a half-cup of warm water with C-Lium Fibre Husk. I have been doing this routine for more than a year now and it has changed the way my digestion works!

Each pack is filled with legit fiber husks. These won't dissolve completely in water so expect that the solution looks and feels grainy to drink. If I am to describe it, it feels like drinking a jello that was just dissolved -- a bit slimy.

It being relatively tasteless is both a yay and a nay. It is easy to gulp in because it is just water with husks. But there are days I prefer it to have a bit of taste so I mix it with milk or tea.

After just hours of taking it in, a dance party will commence. A good kind of party. It helps in removing all the undigested food in my system and in getting rid of excess fat in my tummy. How did I know, you ask? Well, I feel light every time I do my thing which is a good sign that I have gotten rid of those not-so-good stuff left in me,

With C-Lium Fibre, I don't have to worry about making sure I have enough fiber in my meal because I am sure I can have thorough body cleansing through a pack of husks.
I can not thank C-Lium Fibre in helping me to let go. I know that when I met you years ago, you will be something I would keep for a long time. Dramatic as it may sound but it has changed my diet ever since our first encounter.
Good digestion process, check. Balanced diet, check. Body weight maintenance, check. C-Lium Fibre, check!

Check out for restocks so you can get (and try one) for free! C-Lium Fibre is available in all leading drugstores nationwide!

♥ Jes ♥

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hadabisei All-in-One Facial Mask: The Mask that does the Jobs of 4!

Being a skincare freak requires me to have a minimum of  6 steps and 6 products in my usual skincare routine.Some could live with just a cleanser and a toner, but I just can't. I have to have my cleaner, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream and sunblock on a daily basis and my scrubs/exfoliants and masks at least once a week. Having these numerous steps in my routine make a difference so I don't mind spending time on doing it religiously. But who can say no to a product that claims to do the jobs of 4 products (facial lotion, moisturizer, serum and mask) and trim down the skincare routine to just 4 steps?

Honestly, I had to think more than twice before I decided to accept the Hadabisei Challenge. I trust my routine that much that I doubted how one facial mask can make a difference in my skin. Since I am always up for challenges and the claim that one mask can do 4 tasks is intriguing, I agreed on doing it.

Curious on what the challenge was about?

Monday, July 27, 2015

POP Beauty Bright Up Your Life in Smokin' Hot

I am on a day off from work due to a unexpected local holiday. But that does not mean I am in for a whole day of lounging and relaxing. I still have to grind for the week so yes, still no holiday for me then! Before I go berserk with the things I have to prepare for and do, allow me to spend a few minutes to talk about beauty.

When was the last time I reviewed an eyeshadow palette? Honestly, I can't remember. I seldom wear eye makeup just because I don't have enough time, on my workday, to spend whipping and blending colors. If I do have an extra 5 minutes, I would normally just spend it perfecting my brows. But on days I feel like I want to give my eyes some pop, expect me to go all the way -- bold and smokey.

I got the POP Beauty Bright Up Your Life eyeshadow palette early this year when I attended the launch. The shades that come in the Smokin' Hot palette are almost similar to those that I already have, thus, it didn't excite me that much. But when I was organizing my collection and I was, at all sorts, guilty that I don't give much time to my makeup, I decided to give it a spin. Lo and behold, I found a treasure!

This palette of smoky hues adds definition & intensity, all you need to create the perfect defined eye. from enhancing nudes to sultry deep metallics, these hues blend smoothly and have fast become our must-have smoky palette.

If you're still a bit shy on going with a full-blown smoky eye, then this palette might be overwhelming for you. In a positive way, though. The shades give off intense pigmentation that helps one in achieving the perfectly defined smoky eye.

The color goes on smoothly on the lids and stays intact even without a primer. Blending the colors is a breeze though I hope it comes with a matte brown shade for crease definition and matte pearl for highlight.

This was how I whipped most of the colors on the palette. There's nothing underneath the colors, no base nor a layer of foundation. This eye makeup stayed on until the time I decided to take it off. No fading nor creasing happened, though it must be considered that my lids are not that oily.

Price-wise is okay. Php868.00 for a decent palette will sure not hurt. The dual-ended brush it comes with is useable too though I still think having a crease brush and a fluffy blending brush help in the definition.

The POP Beauty Bright Up Your Life Smokin Hot is great palette to have if you're up on the smoky eye game. There's no matte shades in the palette so make sure to tag along your crease definition and highlighting shades to achieve your perfect smoky eye!

POP Beauty is available at!
A tutorial on this look will be up soon!

♥ Jes ♥

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Smudge Test: Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express

Length. Volume. Curls. The qualities we all wish our lashes have. Some are lucky to have the perfect set of lashes but for some, who only rely on mascaras to achieve them beautiful lashes, fret not. Mascaras that promise to give the best-looking lashes are widely available in the market!

It is easy to spot a mascara that lengthens and gives volume to, and hold curls of the lashes. But something that does not smudge, even in the presence of oil and sweat, is a rare fish in the ocean. The newly launched Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara claims to be one of the rare breeds. Maybelline is confident enough to let people subject the Hypercurl under a smudge test to prove the claim.

To test the smudgeproof-ness (Is there such word?) mascara with a cold cream, which is commonly used as a makeup remover, is hardcore. I, was so intrigued that I wanted see how the Hypercurl can stay smudgeproof myself.

The cast of the testing kit – a Brand X mascara, the Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara and a cream. I bet you already have an idea on how the test will go.

I followed the steps given to the T. 

I applied Brand X mascara on one eye and the Maybelline Hypercurl on the other then I let it set for about 10 minutes.

So after 10 minutes, these were how my lashes looked like. Obviously, Brand X smudged just with the presence of natural face oil. It also weighed my lashes down. Boo. On the other hand, Maybelline Hypercurl stayed intact. No smudging and curls were still up.

The testing time came. I put the same amount of cream on both eyes and wiped it on the lashes with the same number of times. And this happened…

Brand X was removed completely! Look at the grayish residue of the cream. 

It was amazing how Maybelline Hypercurl stayed intact even under the presence of the cold cream. It’s obvious that the cream just clung on the lashes without breaking down the formulation. 

Obviously, we have a winner! Maybelline Hypercurl does not really smudge! Rest assured that this mascara will stay on the lashes, without the need to worry about panda eyes, for a looooooong time!

Though removing it can quite be a problem! 

Have I told you that this only cost Php199.00? YES! A wonderfully amazing product that doesn't hurt the wallet! 


♥ Jes ♥

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