Thursday, August 28, 2014

My lash wishes came true with Lash Wishes! + Giveaway

Given the tight schedule I live on an everyday basis (read: work, graduate school, blog, social life, etc.), the time I spend on making myself look presentable for the day is often sacrificed. Lately, I work around my face in under 10 minutes. What can I do with that short time? Define my brows and conceal skin imperfections. That's all. No blush, no eyeliner, no mascara, no lipstick. I know that that kind routine is not enough for someone who wants to look perfectly presentable for the day but that's all the time I can spend for my face. Please don't tell me to wake up earlier than I do now. I can't give up a few minutes of my precious sleep time. I just can't! I had to find a way to look glam, without much effort and time, on the very moment I open my eyes in the morning.

For some reasons, long, thick and curled lashes make the eyes (and the entire face, actually) look beautiful. It is really something I wished I was born with. To get that voluminous fringe of gorgeousness, I use false eyelashes once in a while. But it takes me a minimum of 5 minutes to pop a pair on to my eyes so I scrapped the idea of doing it for everyday. Here comes an awesome idea of getting lash extensions!

I have always wanted to get lash extensions, but hearing a good amount of pros and cons made me think twice. But when I was invited to visit Lash Wishes, I knew it was the perfect time to get myself that voluminous fringe of gorgeousness I have always wanted.

Lash Wishes is a designed eyelash extension studio which aims to make every girl's lash dreams come true with its wide range of high quality lash extensions. From thickness to length, color and even decor, Lash Wishes can practically make every eyelash fantasy come true.

When I was asked what kind of lashes I would get, I went all out. Long, thick, glamorous and curled to be exact. The application took about 45 minutes. It could be too long for people who don't want to just close their eyes and wait for the procedure to finish. For me and those with tired bodies, that 45 minutes of not doing anything with eyes closed was heaven.

After a countless times of lash strands application and drying, my lashes were long, curled and beautiful! I specifically asked for shiny strands to achieve that I-just-applied-mascara effect. Oh, it was love indeed.

And just like that, my face instantly look glamorous. For 2 weeks straight, I went out of the house almost makeup less but looking beautiful. Thanks to these fringe of gorgeousness! I am yet to draft a post on the pros and cons of lash extensions but for now, let me and Lash Wishes make your lash wishes come true. 

I would be giving ONE of you a chance to get a set of 'Classic' Lashes from Lash Wishes. I would be throwing in some other stuff too! This giveaway is open only for those who can visit Lash Wishes in Cinderella, Glorietta 3. Simple ways to join:

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Giveaway runs from August 28 to September 9, 2014. The winner will be announced on MakeUpLove's Facebook page and will be notified via email. Good luck!


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Enhance your natural beauty with K-Palette 1Day Magic!

If someone with a brave heart would ask me to rank my favorite makeup brands, K-Palette would be on top, no doubt. I just can't live without my K-Palette essentials! Their Real Lasting Eyeliner is a cult favorite and their Lasting 2Way Eyebrow is the bomb when it comes to longlasting brow definition. Everything from the K-Palette is love, for me at least. Never did I know and expect that an already awesome brand can still have more and better products! 

Just recently, K-Palette welcomes a new series in their array of products -- the 1Day Magic. It features 4 new products that will sure let you achieve that kawaii look!

The very pink and cute launch was held at R Space last July 29, 2014. The attendees were welcomed by these cute vanities (which I planned to steal but I didn't succeed. Next time!) filled with the K-Palette 1Day Magic products.

I had a love-at-first-try experience with these 1Day Magic products especially with the 1day Magic Fiber Mascara. It was so good that it will have its stint soon here on MakeUpLove. For now, let us focus more on what happened on the launch.

Cheryl Chua, the head of Beauty Box Corp and one of my favorite women (I know you know why!) welcomed everyone with a short introduction of the brand. I love how she and her company brings in K-Palette and other Japanese brands and products (Cure and Prostyle Fuwarie, to name a few) for us to try.

K-Palette Make-up Artist, Sayaka Nagashima, demonstrated the use of the 1Day Magic products. These products are not used to put a mask on your face but to enhance the natural beauty each of us already has.

To keep up with the theme 'Magic', Eric Mana, a Master Illusionist, wowed everyone. I am a full-pledged fan of magic and illusions and these kind of performances never fail to amaze me. Oh Mr. Mana, I shall get you for my wedding!

And as expected, the event was a fun-filled one. And seeing all these beautiful faces who graced the event was one of the highlights.

Before heading to Beauty Bar to get your hands on the newest of K-Palette, here's a peek of what the 1Day Magic series has for us.

1Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner | Php695.00
 There's no need to draw multiple thin lines using the normal brush. With the new thick, flat brush, you can now draw a thick line with just one stroke.

1Day Magic Fiber Mascara | Php895.00
Applying multiple coats of a regular mascara is not enough to achieve volumized lashes! Add a layer of fiber and your lashes will dramatically increase in volume.

1Day Magic Eyelid Glue | Php650
Double eyelids do not stay together? False eyelashes always fall off? Solve your problems with this new eyelid glue! It gives a maximum hold to make sure that the double eyelids and falsies stay in place.

  1Day Magic 3D Palette | Php895.00
Create an illusion of a slimmer face!

When do you think K-Palette will have its own foundation? :)

For more information, visit K-Palette Philippines on Facebook and follow @kpalette_ph on Twitter and on Instagram.

All K-Palette products are available in Beauty Bar stores nationwide and on

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Catrice Photo Finish 18h Liquid Foundation | Review

As I type this post, I am having a break from a stressful workload. I have a ton of deadlines to meet but I am not complaining. After all, I feel so blessed to be stressed! I just need some time off to breathe in fresh air, hence, this post. Makeup and talking about makeup never fails to uplift my spirit.

I was beyond excited to know that Catrice Cosmetics has landed into our local shores. I, still, am not sure where exactly Catrice is available here in the metro but the fact that it is already here and within my reach is enough to excite me. I am in love with their Camouflage Cream (I reviewed it HERE) and I can't wait to try more products from the brand. 

The Catrice Photo Finish 18h Liquid Foundation was part of the loot my aunt sent for me to try. Yes, I have had this foundation for a long time and it was just only 3 weeks ago when I gave it a spin. 

Curious on how the Catrice Photo Finish 18h Liquid Foundation works? Read more!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer | Review and Swatches

Do you want some color on your lips but you find lipsticks to be too overwhelming? Tinted lip balms will definitely be the answer to your calls. Just recently, Sample Room had a good run of Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers and I was too lucky to receive all 5 shades available to try. I hope you got one for yourself!

If you're curious on how Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers work, read on!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Colour Collection Perfect Cover Cream Concealer

Last weekend, I spent good 3 hours going through photos saved in my laptop. Due to limited space, I had to erased some and transferred the rest to my hdd. While I was going through those treasures, I realized I still have a lot of backlogs that deserve a space in this humble blog of mine, hence, a series of backlog posts. I'll start it with the Colour Collection Perfect Cover Cream Concealer.

The most recent pimple breakout that I had due to an allergic reaction left me with countless marks. Saying that I totally disgust it is an understatement. I could just cry my heart out but I know that doing such won't make much of a difference. So yeah, I chose to just accept it and deal with it.

Since waiting for the marks to again match my skin color would take time, I conceal them every single day. I'll be sharing the way how I conceal blemishes soon but for now, let's us talk about one of the concealers I use to cover those unwanted marks.

A creamy concealer that hides imperfections, evens out discoloration and diminishes the appearance of dark spots and undereye circles.
The lightweight formula contains Vitamin E and the moisturizers to help smoothen rough, uneven skin. It blends seamlessly to the skin helping you achieve flawless coverage all day.

Colour Collection Perfect Cover Concealer has a standout salmon color which means it is good in neutralizing the blue and dark blue undertones of the skin. It is not the usual concealer that fully covers imperfections, instead it corrects the color making the skin look naturally flawless.

I LIKE that it ...
  • is creamy. It glides and blends on the skin without tugging and pulling.
  • neutralizes the color of the skin,dark blue undertones specifically, seamlessly. 
  • stays on for about 4-5 hours.
  • doesn't crease when used on the undereyes.
  • is housed in a compact packaging that is easy to tote around.
  • gives light but buildable coverage.
  • doesn't have any pungent smell.
  • feels light on the skin.
  • is affordable for only Php300.00++.

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • doesn't fully conceal blemishes, especially the dark ones.
  • is only available through Tupperware dealers. 
This is how it works on my undereyes. Notice that it really doesn't cover the darkness, thus, it neutralizes the color making the undereye appear brighter and smoother.

Though it is not enough to conceal dark, pimple marks, I just use it to neutralize the color and to prep the skin for further concealing. So far, it works perfectly! Stay tuned for my concealing techniques post!

There are times that covering imperfections is not really the key to an even-looking skin. Neutralizing the color can sometimes do the trick. It saves you from putting too much product on your face and from that mask-like look. Let your skin breath while not compromising how it looks and I think, the Colour Collection Perfect Cover Cream Concealer is a good product for that.

For more information, visit the Tupperware Brands' website and Tupperware Brands Philippines on Facebook.

Cheers for a great week ahead!

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