Random 8: A Surprise Parcel

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I mentioned in a previous post (read here) that I received a notice from our local post office. It was about a parcel that has arrived under my name. I wasn't expecting anything by then so that notice made me wonder and excited at the same time. The next day, I went to the post office to pick up the unknown and unexpected parcel. If you would notice, there was an amount indicated on the notice which says P40.00 (~ $1). Though I was totally aware that I have to pay the amount, I was still afraid that there may be some hidden charges which may possibly include the customs fee, the storage fee, etc.Good thing, there was none! I just paid P40.00 and this baby was given to me. :)

After seeing the envelope, I knew it was from Sigma Beauty. I never thought it would be this fast. I read some affiliates post telling that it took them 2 to 3 months to receive their affiliates brush. For me, it took only about 3 weeks since I received the email from their associate that they have sent the package on April 21.

* Sigma Beauty Make Up Brushes has been a favorite of Youtube Gurus like xteeener, sccastaneda, DulceCandy87, and many others.

The parcel contains the following:

I love how they try to be personal with their affiliates. See my name on the card? :)

And the star of this post is the Sigma E25 Travel Size Blending Brush. The kind of brush that will be given to affiliates depends on how many followers the blog has upon registration. I only had about 50 followers when I applied for the affiliate program so I got this.

For comparison, this is how big the brush is: It is about 4.5 inches long, from end to end.

Quick review on the brush:

What I like:
  • It's cute size fits my travel kit perfectly.
  • It has a name printed on its handle -- This makes it easier to know where and when to use the brush.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Very soft bristles -- I love to touch it!
  • No shedding -- For now, at least.  I haven't tried washing it.
  • Densed
  • Does its work! :) 

 What I don't like:
  • Some of its hairs are not tamed to stay in place -- I hope that brush guards will tame these naughty boys.
  • May be too expensive since Sigma Beauty is not available in the Philippines -- How I wish that Sigma is available in the Philippines!
  1. This brush is now a part of my everyday travel kit.
  2. I use this brush to blend eyeshadow especially on the crease area.
  3. I keep the brush guard on to tame the naughty hair strands.
Will I repurchase?
Other Sigma brushes? Definitely. But I have to tell Papa first, he might get this for me. :)

Do you want to be an affiliate? Click here to sign up as a Sigma Beauty affiliate.

To know more about Sigma Beauty, you may go to their website: www.sigmabeauty.com

Do you have Sigma brushes? How do you find it? 

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    1. Congrats sis!Welcome to Sigma Affiliates! =)

    2. Ohh how nice! Congrats :D I need to get me a round blending brush, I just have a flat one for now.

      Thanks for following. Your blog is so interesting, I'm surprised you don't have more followers. Followed you back though! (:

    3. ahhhhh nice brush!! i am thinking or ordering Sigma soon.

    4. Love your blog. Can we follow each other?


    5. congrats babe!i heard good things about sigma brushes, havent tried one tho.

    6. hi jes! it is available here thru a local reseller. check out http://pinkslippersbotique.multiply.com/
      its a bit pricey lang talaga. :)
      another lowdown is you cannot exchange it with sigma since they didn't sell it directly to you (if you encounter shedding, breaking of ferule)

      hope it helps. :)

    7. cool! you got your E25 na, I've tried both the E25 and F80 from Sigma they're both awesome! I have reviews on them too.

    8. Yey! Now I can't wait for my Sigma brush too. I wonder how long it will take to arrive :)

    9. Sigma brushes are great! Glad you became an affiliate too (=

    10. @Che Acosta - Thanks sis!

      @Tiffo - Thank you! I don't know how to promote my blog to get more followers. Any advice? :)

      @Rinz - Yey! Share your thoughts about it if you ordered a set.

      @Kiran - Followed you back sis!

      @Jbreezybaby - Thank you, dearie! I want to try their sets too.

      @DeBi - Really? I'll check it! Thank you!

      @Hollie - Yey! I'll read your reviews!

      @Aya - It only took mine about 3 weeks.

      @Gaby - I want to get their sets! :)

    11. congrats jess! I would like to be part of their affiliates too.. but I think I have to do a lot of work for that hehe!

      Much Love!


    12. oh yeah i've received my order from sigma without any hassles. an SS187 LOL back during the time when they used to name their brushes similar to mac brushes LOL.
      the E25-the size and shape is similar to the mac217, at least from your pic. any thoughts?
      thanks for sharing.

    13. Nice Sis,another Holla random thing for you. :) Hope to see you soon. :)

    14. @Alice - Haha! Go! Sign up to be an affiliate! :)

      @Marge - I also think that mac217 and E25 looks the same. :) I want to get their sets.

      @Vian - Hi!!! I have lots of random things. Hehe. :)

    15. i have that brush too but i haven't tried using it yet. lol

    16. hello! thanks for dropping by my blog :) nice to see more filipina bloggers around! :) keep it up!

    17. oh wow congrats! I like sigma brushes.. They're softer than MAC

    18. Wow!!..Congratulation to you hun..^_^..That brush look cute I wish to own sigma brush..Sadly in Malaysia Sigma Brand not available..Sigh..

      Between thank you so much for following my blog..I follow you back..^_^..

    19. @miemiemie - Your blog is great! Thanks!

      @Lady E - I haven't used mine too. :)

      @Delyteful Speaks - I hope to try other Sigma brushes soon!

      @-Angiepink- Thanks, Sweetie! Your blog is great!

    20. Congrats! I'm still not sure if I should purchase one.


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my post! :)

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