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Monday, May 30, 2011

In a few minutes time, we will be bidding goodbye to the last weekend of May. How time flies. Also, in a few weeks, classes will start here in the Philippines. Exciting days will again be here! I am planning to host a Back-to-School giveaway (which will include the Nanny Rose Sticks & Pulls All Natural Hair Remover as one of the prizes) but I am still on the process of getting some more prizes. We will get there, anyways. :)

This Kiko Lip Gloss was included in the package my aunt sent me. I even posted a haul about this here. I honestly don't know the shade of this particular lip gloss. There are so many numbers at the back of the product itself and I don't know which one is the shade number. Just to have a ground, we will just stick with 04 to indicate its shade.

I love the packaging. This is actually my first time to have a gloss or any make up product in a heart-shaped packaging. For me, it is somehow shouting, "I am for girls!" Haha! Okay, I don't actually know why I thought of that. It has 3 grams of product in it which I think is a lot for this cute package.

Admit it, the glitters and shimmers this lip gloss has are very intimidating. Mind you, it has a LOT. The glitters are actually of many colors. It has greens, golds, some blues and pinks. If you would look closely, it appears to be oily and sticky.

The glitters are not just there to make it attractive. I first thought that it would mostly be like other lip products with glitters wherein the glitters won't stick on the lips. BUT...I was wrong! The glitters are actually the star of this product. When swatched, the lip gloss is transparent with again a LOT of glitters!

This made me think of when and where to use this!
I still doubted the capabilities of the glitters, so I tried applying it on my lips. I didn't have anything on my lips, even lip balm.

By then, I was convinced that this lip gloss is all about the glitters in it. Noticed the glitters on my lips? They actually spark when hit by light. That would be awesome in case I will be inside a very dark room with a disco ball. Again, I don't know what made me think of that. I regret trying it on my lips because the glitters were very hard to remove. I even used a make up remover but that only left me with glitters all over my face. Want proof? Here:

The glitters on my face and lips stayed for almost a day.
What I like:
  • Heart-shaped packaging -- Very cute and girly!
  • It smells good! -- I think it smells like vanilla, Edge smells it like chocolate.
  • VERY shiny and glossy
  • Stays long on my lips -- I even had a hard time removing it!
  • No allergic reactions

What I don't like:
  • I find it unhygienic to use my fingers in applying it.
  • The lid does not lock properly and it has a tendency to accidentally be opened inside my kit.
  • The glitters were hard to remove. -- very hard!
  • Sticky! -- Ewwww!
  • Glitters were very obvious. -- Yes, I know that it is the idea behind this shade. I just don't like that it's VERY noticeable!
  • Tastes like plastic. -- I prefer lip products that taste good.
  • Kiko Cosmetics is not available in the Philippines.

  1. I used a brush to apply it on my lips.
  2. I think this will give a matte lipstick an extra kick!
  3. I still don't know where and when to use this.
  4. I plan to use this as a glitter adhesive for eye make up. :)
  5. Those based in Italy will have a chance to try out Kiko Cosmetics.

Will I repurchase?
NO! I don't like sticky lip glosses! :|

For other information about Kiko Cosmetics, please check out their website:
*I can't find this particular product in Kiko Cosmetics website. 

I still have a few products for Kiko Cosmetics to review!

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  1. Me neither and If I did buy one, I think it won't be used as much lol Thanks for the review :)

  2. The worst thing I find about glittery lip gloss is that the gloss goes away but the glitter is still there yuck!

  3. Packaging looks so cute, too bad theres a tons of hunks of glitter in this one. :(

  4. Pretty and cute. I'd buy it coz of the packaging!

  5. awww the glitter scatters, sayang

  6. @vintagexomakeup - Really! I haven't seen any lip gloss with this kind of packaging. :

    @Lacey - Right! I hate it!

    @Tiffo - Yeah, I agree. The packaging is super cute!

    @Rinz - Haha! Me too!

    @Marge - Super sayang!

  7. Love the heart shape packaging!!! Hahaha. It's a bit unhygienic though :/

  8. yey! excited for your "back-to-school" giveaways. :)

  9. @Aya - It's very cute! I just don't like the glitters.

    @Vian - Yey! I am still on the process of getting 'more' prizes.


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