Road Love: Ilocos - Day 1

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Edge and I pinky-promised that we will tour around the Philippines. This idea started when I felt that it is unfair for the Philippines not to be visited by its own men. A lot has been wanting to travel around the world - go to Disneyland, see the Eiffel Tower, and play poker in Vegas. Honestly, that is also what I plan to do given that I would be a millionaire by 2015. But since I am still not earning enough to pay for my luxury, I settled to just first travel around the Philippines. After all I believe that our country has a LOT to offer.

The idea of travelling started in December 2008 when we visited Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan. Later it was followed by our trip to Hidden Valley, Villa Escudero, La Luz Beach Resort, Caramoan Peninsula, Coron, and Davao which was the latest. We even had side and minor trips to Splash Island, Club Manila East and the likes. If you would noticed, we haven’t been to far north. The farthest in the north we have been to is Laguna. That is basically the reason why we planned to invade the best of the north. To make things extra special, we set the date on the week of my birthday which also fell on the holy week. We have heard a lot about Ilocos that we have drooled about for months. We have invited a few friends to join us. And, we have some of our friends’ parents joined us. Isn’t it cool?

 *Details of the First Day of our Ilocos trip AFTER THE JUMP.

Our NORTHERN INVASION started on the night of April 21, 2011 (Maundy Thursday). We met at EDSA Shangrila where we were fetched by our tour guide, Yunan Reyes (contact details are listed after the entire post). After we have settled ourselves comfortably  in a van, the journey to the north started. Based on my research, a trip from Manila to Ilocos is about 10 to 12 hours by land. I hesitated this idea of travelling by land since I easily get bored in a long drive. Good thing I had Edge and our friends to chat with on the trip. Also, our ever loved Nintendo DSIs kept us very happy and active. Sleeping was also an option to spend the hours of travelling but it wasn’t easy to sleep in a van. Fortunately, it wasn’t traffic as everyone expected. We had a smooth trip from Manila to Vigan for only 8 hours. That was fast compared to the usual 10-12 hours.

We arrived in Vigan very early. And by very early I mean it was still dark and there were only few people around. This wasn't normal for a tourist place. I won't be dealing much with what we did, I just like to share some photos taken on Day 1 of our tour.
Warning: Picture-heavy!


Hello, sleepyhead!
Everything is vintage except my shorts and the Pacquaio-Mosley poster.
The famous Vigan Longganisa
After strolling around the streets of Vigan, we went to Gov. Singson's Baluarte.

There were ostriches walking around.
And peacocks.
And dears.
And dinosaurs!!! Joke. :)

Bell Tower

Paoay Church
This is a very lovely church. I think I want to get married here!
Mr. Sun was rude that day.
Malacaniang Ti Amianan 
I want a house this huge!
Cape Bojeador

The scenery is breathtaking!
And last on our Day 1 tour was the Bangui Windmills!

Chanelling Eva Fonda!

I'll be posting our Day 2 tour in Ilocos soon. :)

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  1. my dad is from ilocos norte, my mom's from puerto princessa and i remember growing up going every summer to the norte and once every 2-3 years to palawan. I miss those days so much. I now live nowhere near a beach >_< these pics brings back memories... ahhh vigan style longganisaaa is the besst!!!

  2. Ilocos Norte and Puerto Princesa are super beautiful places, Jbreezybaby! You are very lucky to have your folks live in those lovely places. :) Vigan Longganisa killed my diet.

  3. did you go @ the marcoses in batac I think, and pagudpud?
    ilocos is love!

  4. @DeBi - Yes, we did! :) I love Ilocos!

  5. Nice trip in Ilocos!i am always proud of Vigan, my father's land birth!=)


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