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Friday, June 03, 2011

Time flies so fast! We are now on the second half of the year. I still haven't prepared my plans for the upcoming months. Well, I think I should just entrust everything to spontaneity. Bahala na si Batman!

I am planning to make a Back-to-School look to be ready for the start of classes on Monday, June 6. When I was checking out my case to see what items would best suit my target look, these babies popped out as if saying, "Hey, try me!" I am no hardheaded mother so I took them out and gave them a run for a review.

These Kiko EyeTech Look Eyeshadows came in with my other Kiko items last April. I posted a haul that you may read here. Its name was really an eye-catching one. EyeTech = Hi-Tech! Cool thinking, huh! Actually, I consider these as advances in the eyeshadow-making industry, if there is one. It is not the usual pressed powder packaged in a metal pan. These are in a pen-like packaging that has the product and applicator inside. 

The applicator looks like a normal sponge-tip, only stiffer. The product is in a transparent 'cap' which looks like this:
The color you see is the product itself.
I got the shades Rosa (05) and Verde Foresta (11). Kiko Cosmetics is an Italian brand, hence, the name of the shades are in Italian. There is 0.8g of product in each 'pen' which, for me, is too little but according to the website, it is good for over 150 applications. It is priced at 5.90 Euro each or about Php370.

Product Description: Information is from the website of Kiko Cosmetics. Translated from Italian by Google. Please forgive the inconsistencies in translation.
An automatic eyeshadow and smooth texture that allows light to easily obtain an eyeliner effect or a result faded. The amount of product that is inside of the cap is enough over 150 applications. Available in 18 bright colors for a natural or elegant look.
 These are how they look when swatched:
Please forgive the bad lighting. :(
 What I like:
  • The hi-tech packaging fits in any kit. -- It is about 4 inches long.
  • No need to bring a separate spongetip or brush for application. -- I hate it when brushes get deformed inside my kit.
  • The twist-cap locks well, so no need to be afraid of it spilling getting all over the kit.
  • It has great pigmentation. -- The above swatches were done with only one swipe.
  • It's easy to see the shade since it is already inside the transparent cap. -- What you see is what you get!
  • It can work as an eyeliner! -- Yey for multipurpose products!
  • Blends easily and the color is build-able.
  • It stays on quite long enough. -- A good eyeshadow primer will sure be a great help!
  • Can be easily removed
  • Minimal to no fall outs!
  • Available in 18 shades

What I don't like:
  • I think it is pricey for an 0.8g of product. -- Fashion 21 has an eyeshadow stick for only Php85. Am I bias towards local products? :)
  • I find the applicator too stiff. It does not blend the product well. -- I won't mind bringing a brush with me, especially if it does the job wonderfully.
  • Not available locally and I don't know if they ship internationally.

  1. I use the applicator only to pat the products on my lid and I use a brush to blend.
  2. I haven't tried using it on top of a primer or a base, but I will on my Back-to-School look.

Will I repurchase?
NO! This is VERY expensive for an 0.8g eyeshadow. Also, cheap eyeshadow will work good on top of a good base/primer so I might as well invest on a good primer/base than this.

For more information about Kiko EyeTech Look Eyeshadow, click here or just go to

What can you say about this EyeTech eyeshadow?

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  1. Hi Jes! :)

    You should try Etude House's Line Nuance Duo! It's sort of 95% like that but a whole lot cheaper! I think I got mine for less than 200 bucks? about 125 I think.

    I've been in love with it ever since! I hate the sponge tip thing though.

    Anyway thank you for sharing!



  2. naku, i have something similar from into it. di ko rin magamit because of the spring mechanism that keeps the whole wand in place nice and tight. hehehe and yeah the sponge tip applicator is too stiff, too. nice concept sana for say high school kids, maybe. hahaha if only

  3. the colors are really nice! :) I'd love to see an EOTD with this.. :)

    but yah, going back to the price, this is expensive.. given that it can be duped by some from F21 or Ever Bilena..

  4. @Keesh - Thanks! I'll look for in into Etude House and see if I'll like too. :)

    @Marge - Tama. Great concept for those who are starting with make up. I am planning to keep these inside my kit in case I need a 'pop' of color. :)

    @Karla - Yeah! The colors are perfect but the mechanism and the prices are not! Thanks, babe! I'll make a look with these. :)

  5. the shadow looks really pretty and they are smart to put two in one! (: But too bad it's pretty expensive for so little product ):

  6. @Mimi - If only that they priced it a little lower, these would have been perfect. :)

  7. You have a great blog here! There are so many brands out that I wouldn't even have heard of! These shadows look interesting, I like how it has a transperant cap so you can see the colour.

    I have followed your blog :o). If you get a chance, could you have a look at mine? :o).

  8. great beauty blog!
    your blog is a staple for every girl.


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