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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Have you had a facial? I had to try one treatment about 6 years ago. My friend and  I just had to try it because the treatment was on sale for only Php250.00. It actually scared the hell out me because I went home with a tomato-red face. I don't know if its normal but that incident made me not to go for another facial. Also, the conceit in me thinks I don't need it. I don't have major issues with my face except from the normal blackheads on the nose area. I am satisfied with what a nose strip offers so why subject myself for another pricking session? Haha! Slap me!  

I read in an article that facial treatments help improve blood circulation. I always thought those treatments are only for major issues (i.e. scars, acne). According to the said article, a regular facial should be done. For dry skin like mine, once a month is fine. Once a month? I had mine 6 years ago! Since I still fear the pricking moments, I have to have my own facial treatment at home. No, I won't prick myself! I'll just do whatever is advised by Dr. Elaine Eusebio-Galvez of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery in her article in Marie Claire Beauty Tutor last February 2009 (with Lucy Torres-Gomez on the cover).

Backtrack: I started a series wherein I'll be sharing articles, reviews, tutorials and the likes, from past issues of magazines that I am currently re-reading. Read my first post here about False Lashes.

Notes: The following information, ideas, lessons and views came from the magazines' writers and contributors. I do not take these as my own. 

STEP 1: Cleanse -- Thoroughly massage your mildest facial wash onto damp skin using circular motions, starting from your forehead down to your chin area. Rinse with warm water.
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STEP 2: Tone -- "Choose a toner that contains mild ingredients such as salicylic acid or centella asiatica for oily skin; and allantoin, hazel extract, and aloe vera for normal to dry skin," says Dr. Eusebio-Galvez. Salicylic acid helps reduce oiliness while centella asiatica improves the skin's condition. Using a cotton ball, massage the tones in circular motions, starting from the forehead to chin.
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STEP 3: Mask -- Apply a facial mask evenly on you face, avoiding your eyes, nostrils and mouth. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. The best mask contain natural plant ingredients such as aloe vera, seaweed and algae, and protein-rich ingredients such as collagen, which enrich skin with moisture. Wash or wipe away the mask, depending on the product's instructions.
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STEP 4: Moisturize -- Massage your choice of moisturizer in circular motions, starting from your forehead to your chin. Using your forefingers, apply pressure on your temples, the area of your cheekbones near your nose, and at the end of your jaws right before your ears.

After re-reading this article, I learned that I am lacking the mask step and I massage the product onto my face in a wrong motion! I use a mask only when I remember to do so. Haha! I didn't know it is that essential to a treatment. Also, I apply product on an upwards motion hoping that it would cleanse the pores since we have it in the opposite direction. Waah!  really should start revising my routine. A simple step might change my entire face! :)

I hope you are liking these posts! :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! :) I will try this when I get home haha, can you recommend any facial mask?


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