Random 18: Nail Stickers

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember THIS post where I showed a picture of my nails? I just had a normal french manicure made elegant by the white flowers nail stickers. I have a lot of nails stickers mainly because I cannot draw on my nails. How I wish I am as creative as Ms. Nikki of AskMeWhats and Ms. Kat of MissKatV in terms of nail art. But because I am not, I rely on stickers.

These were given by my bestfriend, Glennery. She knows how much I am wanting to add designs on my nails but I fail on the drawing department. Haha! I believe these are from Japan. There are also stickers available in the beauty sections of some department stores, you might want to check them out.

No, I won't be doing nail art tutorials but I might post random pictures of my nails with these babies. :)

Stay tuned as I prettify my nails with these stickers. Oh, I am still on the process of learning how to put those jewels on my nails. Can someone teach me how? :)

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