Review: Body Recipe Eye Cream

I don't know about you, but for me, the most essential thing in my make-up bag is a concealer. It can instantly brighten up the look by hiding those undereye circles and blemishes. Lately, I am battling with the bags and the darkness I have under my eyes. Oh, sleepless nights are here! I just can't rely on the use of concealer all the time. I have to have something that would lessen the appearance of dark and puffy undereyes and if possible, lessen the appearnce of aging too. That's why I was in search for a good eye cream!

My purchase of the Body Recipe Eye Cream was not in my plans. I was all eyes on the Garnier Eye Roll-On but reviews about it giving some people breakouts made me think twice. I was in HBC looking for a heat protectant spray (by the way, do you know where can I get an inexpensive one?) when I saw this eye cream sitting in a corner of the Body Recipe stall.

I never gave this a second thought. I just grab it and paid it immediately. It is organic, so a huge plus! It looks so much different from other eye creams I know and are available in stores. Most of the eye creams are either in pots or in roll-on types of packaging. This particular cream comes in a pump bottle making it easier to dispense to be used product. 

For its price of Php110.00 (~$3), you get 25 grams of product alongside the doubt if it'll work perfectly. Admit it, people have this thinking that the expensive items work better than those inexpensive ones! Okay, wanna know how severe the darkness in my undereyes is?

This may not be as severe as others, but it actually bugs me. I also hate those lines growing near the inner corners. After about 3 weeks of religious usage, my undereye looks like this:

Please take note of the difference in lighting. See any difference? I sometimes do, I sometimes don't. There are times when I wake up looking all fresh and there are these haggard-looking moments. I think I have to always sleep early. Extra hours of sleep can definitely make a difference, right?

Body Recipe Eye Cream says:
Body Recipe Eye Cream contains nature-derived ingredients to help prevent appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. It is also formulated with Cucumber extract to refresh  and revitalize while moisturizing the delicate skin around the eye areas.
Directions for use: After cleaning, toning, and moisturizing the face, gently dab a small amount of Body Recipe Eye Cream using fingertip to the eye area.

What I LIKE about it:
  • Inexpensive -- I got this for only Php110.00, a lot cheaper compared to other eye creams.
  • Contains a lot of product -- 25 grams!
  • Comes in a pump dispenser -- It makes it easier to dispense enough amount of product. It is also hygienic in case you'll be sharing this with others. 
  • It has a cap that avoids the pump being accidentally pressed.
  • The transparent container makes it easier to see how much product is left.
  • Contains naturally-derived ingredients -- Cucumber, baby! It is widely known that cucumbers help reduce puffiness and refresh eye areas.
  • Important dates are printed
  • Moisturizes the undereyes and keeps it moisturized long enough -- It actually makes application of concealer appear smooth on the eye areas.
  • Blends easily

  • Does not do anything on my make-up
  • Has SPF 15
  • I had no breakouts
  • No annoying scent
  • Locally available in all HBC outlets

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • It's cooling/refreshing feeling is sometimes annoying -- I teared when I first used it. The cooling resembles a stinging feeling. I learned how to bear with it, though.
  • I see no huge difference happened -- It may be because I am not halfway through the product yet.
  • It does not dry -- If I don't powder my face, I'll look very oily!

Will I repurchase?
NO! I am eying the Skin Hour RevitalEyes. I may also try the Garnier Eye Roll-On with the hopes that it will not give me any breakouts.

  1. Make sure to apply the product with clean fingertips.
  2. Since it does not dry matte, it is a must to powder the face unless you are going for an oily look.
  3. I am not expecting it to lessen the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles because it does not say so. It claims to only prevent  and not to lessen! At least, it may stop the growing of more fine lines and prevent further darkening of my undereye areas. 

I have more sleepless nights to withstand and those will last until the mid of September. And that means there are more time for these dark undereye circles and bags to stay on my face unless I find a cure as soon as possible. Reason? I am on my way to my final teaching demonstration (September 8) which means I am just a couple of steps away from achieving my dreams. Can I ask a little favor? Please pray for me and that I'll surpass my demonstration with flying and dancing colors? Thank you in advance! :)