MakeUpLove is now an Ambassador of LuLu Makeup!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

The moment I knew that LuLu Makeup is looking for ambassadors and partners, I immediately sent an email letting them know that I am interested. I have always wanted to own makeup palettes and LuLu Makeup was one of the brands I had my eyes on. Their invitation for bloggers, gurus and vloggers made me decide to go with their brand. Why? Because if I get to be chosen as an ambassador, I'll be getting a palette at a discounted price and be enjoying future perks that goes along with it. 

And now, I am very happy to say that -- MAKEUPLOVE IS NOW AN AMBASSADOR OF LULU MAKEUP! I will be doing reviews of some products and tutorials using LuLu Makeup! I am yet to decide if I'll do a series of LuLu Makeup tutorials or just include LuLu Makeup in my usual tutorials. But one thing is sure, MakeUpLove is now a part of LuLu Makeup and LuLu Makeup is now a part of MakeUpLove!

As an ambassador, I am entitled to a 15% discount in my initial purchase. I tell you, I had a hard time choosing what palette to get. I felt like reviewing for an exam where I went into details of each palette so I won't regret the choice of my first baby. So, I chose Arabian Palette because I was captivated by its mixture of colors (neutral to bold) and textures (matte and satin).

To know more about LuLu Makeup, check the website ( and the LuLu Makeup Facebook Page.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the LuLu Makeup products, please put Jessa Roque of MakeUpLove in the 'How/Where did you find out about LuLu Makeup?' tab in the order form.

Expect a thorough review and swatches of the LuLu Makeup Arabian Palette in my upcoming posts. I am super excited to use LuLu Makeup in my tutorials!

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