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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy rainy, Tuesday!

Sorry for the lack of posts these past days. I was down with flu and I couldn't drag myself out of the bed. I am feeling much better now and hopefully, I'll get back to the normal me the soonest time possible. :)

Anyways, here is a product feature I have been keeping in the drafts for quite some time now. Whenever I need an instant me-time, I always head to the bathroom and have the most relaxing bath ever. I am so much into bathing that I have a lot of bath products to keep me company while I am spending my me-time. The latest addition is the Island Basics Grapefruit Bath Gel

This was given to me by the owners for possible review but I don't know how to review a bath gel! Haha!  Can I just give you what I think of this product? Though this was given to me for free, my thoughts and opinions about the product will not be affected in any ways possible. 

First thing that I love about this product, and the other products of Island Basics, is that its made with all-natural ingredients! Yes, it has no chemicals that may be harmful to our body. Second, it is very much affordable compared to other all-natural products. 

I have used this for many times now and I am still in love with its scent. It gives my skin that grapefruit smell that lasts all day long. It also leaves my skin soft and smooth unlike other shower gels I have tried. 

It may not lather as much but still it lathers. Actually, I love the 'clean' feeling I have after I use this. Just a warning though, the bottle is too hard to squeeze so have all the patience needed to tilt the bottle and wait for the product to come out of the very small opening. 

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