Review: Koh Gen Do Moisture Concealer

Happy weekend! 

By the time you're reading this (January 21, 2012, Saturday), I am in Subic enjoying the sun and a scrumptious steak. Hopefully, I could share to you my 1-day adventure with friends. :) Cheers to a happy start of the year! More trips, please?!

You know how much I love concealers. It is my usual go-to product in days I lack sleep and I am carrying huge dark bags under my eyes (read: eyebags and dark circles). Oh, did I say it happens every single day of my life? I work best at night! I am somehow satisfied with my current concealers, which are mostly from drugstores and are inexpensive, but I hate how those don't last long and/or feel cakey. 

Good thing I was introduced to the magic of Koh Gen Do Moisture Concealer. I saw how good it was when Koh Gen Do was launched here in the Philippines, but it was only a few days ago when I experienced the goodness myself.

Unlike other concealers which come in a jar or stick, Koh Gen Do Moisture Concealer comes in a sleek black palette. It has 3 shades of concealer - (1) dark, (2) medium, and (3) light.

It has a mirror which is big enough for me to see my entire face and a retractable brush which I don't find useful at all.

For its coverage, I love how it can conceal my undereye circles and blemishes with a little amount. Blending the product to my skin is such an easy thing to do. AND, it stays on for a long time so no need worry about retouching!

Left: Without concealer; Right: With concealer
On the photo above, I used the (1) dark to conceal my dark circles and the (2) medium to cover the discolorations around my nose. It may not be obvious, but I applied a bit of the (3) light on my browbones and inner tearducts as highlight.

Koh Gen Do Moisture Concealer: No artificial colors, fragrance, petroleum-based mineral oil or paraben.
New Moisture Concealer with a Perfect Texture for Application and a Gentle Formulation for Your Skin
A new advanced skin care integrated concealer that covers discoloration, dark circles and primes your eyelids, all in one palette! The use of cutting edge technology to create products that achieve high definition looks makes it easy to apply base makeup like a pro.
Gentle moisturizing botanical ingredients take care of areas to dryness , such as under the eyes, where concealers are usually most needed. The smooth, soft texture applies evenly, allowing sheer layering that fits perfectly onto your skin with long-wearing results. Moisture Concealer also includes pearl powders for great coverage. The pearl powders and pure mineral pigments camouflage blemishes, freckles and general discolorations of the skin and deflect the redness that lighting can intensify. For all skin types, it will leave your skin looking natural without cakiness while giving increased coverage.
Price: Php2,500.00 at selected Beauty Bar outlets.

What I LIKE about it:

  • I got it for free! -- Weeee! :)
  • Has 3 shades that can be used individually or combined to achieve the shade that suits the skin tone
  • Effectively conceals my dark circles and covers blemishes and discolorations
  • A little amount goes a long way! -- 3 small dots are enough to conceal my undereye circles!
  • Blends easily onto my skin
  • Does not cake or set into the fine lines on my skin
  • Stays on for a long time!
  • VERY lightweight
  • Looks natural on me
  • No weird and pungent smell
  • Sleek packaging
  • It's natural!

What I DON'T LIKE about it:

  • Expensive! -- It costs Php2,500 at Beauty Bar! Wait, why skimp on a product that works great?
  • I don't find the brush useful at all.

Will I repurchase?
I will if I don't find a cheaper alternative that works as good. :)


  1. Use a different concealer brush to pick up and blend the product onto the skin. You may also use your fingers!
  2. The lightest shades works good as a highlighter minus the shimmers.

For more information about Koh Gen Do Cosmetics, visit or check the Beauty Bar Philippines Facebook Page!

I am slowly having the guts to try high-end and expensive products but it won't stop me from finding good and inexpensive makeup from our local brands! :)

What concealer do you use? :)

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