KANEBO: A Private VIP Beauty Affair

One of the perks of following awesome beauty blogs (aside from product reviews and makeup looks) is to get fabulous news about workshops and events like the Kanebo Private VIP Beauty Affair.

I know how great Japanese cosmetics are but upon realizing how expensive most of those are, I keep myself away from it. So I was so excited when the attendees were given a chance to play with and experience all the three brands of Kanebo.

As you can say, I was not able to take much pictures because I was either busy playing with my kind of toys or I was engaged in a serious chatting mode with fellow bloggers. 

Marge of Kikay Trekkie, Char of YellowYum, Me, and King of 25,000 Megawatt Smile
We were with Shen of Shen's Addictions and Brigitte of IAmBrigitte but again, I was not able to have my pictures taken with them. Anyways, you can check out Kikay Trekkie's post about the event HERE for more. 

With Jenny Liang, trainer for Kanebo.

I had a makeover using some of the products of Kanebo. Check out the difference. :) This palette was used on me and it sure gave me a glowing look.


Just like what I expected, Kanebo is love. Though most are expensive, its products are definitely worth a try. :) Edge, if you're reading this, I know you know what to do. 

I'll soon post more information about Impress, one of Kanebo's skin care line. :)

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