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Lately, I am on this quest of turning my entire boring closet into something fashionable. Slowly, I am acquiring pieces that are for keeps and pieces that I can readily show off, given a chance. We all know that being on the fashionable side doesn't purely depend on the clothes one wears. One should also know how to mix and match accessories. I consider myself to be weak on that side but I am learning!

Lately, I am loving these arm candies (and button earrings) from Mommy Gwapa's Shop. Thank you, Ate Aimee! Both come in a set of 5 to 6 bracelets which you can mix and match. Each bling can be used as a set, or individually.

These vintage-looking bangles may look like the usual bangles but wait until you look at it closely. Each piece has its unique design and texture that would look good even if worn alone. When in doubt on what bracelet/bangle to use, I always use this set. Not just because it looks fab, but because it looks good with whatever outfit I am wearing.

ANDROMEDA is not your usual arm candy for it comes in different colors, textures, and styles. Each piece can definitely worn alone! I love how this set can amp up my plain and boring outfits! I love how this set shows my fashion style -- simple, girly and a bit funky. :)

Stay tuned for my my outfit posts wearing these sets. Yes, I am a fashion blogger wannabe! Haha! :)

by Aimee Alegro - Carcallas
0915 968 8699

I can't wait to purchase more accessories! :) Check out Mommy Gwapa's Shop, they have wonderful pieces on stock! 

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