The Perfect Crease Brush | Charm Pro Crease Blending Brush

Just a couple of weeks back, I tweeted about my want (not need) to have a new makeup brush set. I know I have more brushes than a girl would normally need and I don't know why I had that sudden urge of buying more. Some of my tweeter friends replied saying I should try the brushes from this brand and that brand. Out of, I think, 4 brands mentioned, Charm topped the list. I was actually chuckling when I was reading their replies. Why? Because there is no need to further recommend Charm! Little did they know that I am already a proud owner of an almost 1-year old Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set. Read it HERE.

After those exchanges of tweets, I realized I haven't really talked about my Charm Pro set. No, I have no plans of doing an extensive review on it but I'll be sharing with you my individual favorites in the set. I'll start the series with the Charm Pro Crease Blending Brush. I dubbed it to be the perfect crease brush.

If you're a long-time reader of my blog, you know that I am so much into dramatic eye makeup. I like to contour my crease and if possible, do a cut-crease type of look. With that in mind, I consider the Charm Pro Crease Blending Brush to be the prefect tool to achieve those dramatic looks. This brush is designed for precise blending and for small lid areas. I like to use it to define the outer-Vs of my eyes and to get into the hallows of my crease.

The Charm Pro Crease Blending Brush retails at Php380.00 which some may find to steep for a brush. It's worth it, I tell you, but it would be so much fun if you'll get it with its 20 other siblings. I am talking about the entire set. I have the set for almost a year now but it hasn't change, even a bit. It is still in its pristine condition! So why skimp on Php3,450.00 for the entire set if it'll stay with you for years?

I successfully did this makeup look with the help of the Charm Pro Crease Blending Brush.

I think I now know why want a new brush set. Charm has just released a limited edition Charm Travel Pro Sonia Makeup Brush Set and it's a gem! :) Should I get it? Waaah!

I'll be talking about my other favorite brushes soon! It's your turn to tell if what is your favorite makeup brush? :)

I am not paid or even asked to this post. I made this out of my pure love for my Charm brushes! :)

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