Vintage -- Makeup by KingKing

I never thought that I'll be a model, even once. I don't think I have the face, the body and the guts for it. But when a good friend of mine asked me to be a model for her makeup portfolio, I agreed without a blink of an eye.

King King Manalo of 25,000 Megawatt-Smile has been my friend since we met in the blogosphere sometime in 2011. We both came from UPLB and share the same love with makeup so making and staying friends with her is easy. Just recently, she finished the Artistic Makeup Class at Style Studio Fashion School. For their finals, they needed to create looks for a High Fashion Portfolio Shoot. She asked me to be one of her 5 models and without hesitations, I agreed. She knows that, given a chance, I would love to become a model. Haha!

Here are some of the photos from the shoot.

Makeup by: King King Manalo
Hair by: Tin Sevillano

King King Manalo is awesome! If you want to book her for any occasions, reach her through her blog, 25,000 Megawatt-Smile or her Facebook page HERE. You can also text/call her at 0932-884-3353.

The photos are owned by King King Manalo. The watermark on each picture is due to Picasa, the uploader I used.

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