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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thank God for my good genes and my addiction to skincare, my skin doesn't have major issue to cover everyday. I am still human that has blemishes here and there and dark undereye circles, but still, I can last the day without layers of foundation. There are times, though, I still find the need for further coverage rather than what my concealer can give. So yes, I still use a foundation.

I recently got the Kiko Medium Foundation from the package my aunt in Italy sent me. Its name Medium Foundation doesn't say anything about anything it can do aside from suggesting the type of coverage it can give.

I got the shade A3 Pink Natural which is a tad lighter than my skin color but forgivable. Setting it with a powder of my shade does the trick, actually.

Continue reading to know more about Kiko Medium Foundation.

I got a few details from Kiko Cosmetics website and translated it to English via Google Translate. 
Foundation cream, non-greasy, suitable for normal to dry skin.
It maintains the skin's moisture thanks to hyaluronic acid. The texture is dense and full-bodied gives a moderate to intense coverage and a soft satin finish. Contains a sunscreen to protect media.
Medium Foundation is available in 6 different colors. 
The way it was translated by the online program would trigger the temper of a grammar nazi. It was okay for me since it gave the information about the foundation: moisturizing and long-lasting. There are still more, but these two are what I needed the most.

I LIKE that it:
  • is inexpensive. I got it for free, actually, but based on research, this costs € 5.90 or roughly Php 350.00.
  • is housed in a squeeze-type tube. The transparent tube makes it easy to see how much product is left.
  • gives light to medium coverage but very buildable.
  • stays on for a decent amount of time, about 5-6 hours, without fading.
  • is very easy to spread.
  • is formulated for dry skin.
  • gives a dewy finish that doesn't look greasy or oily.
  • doesn't have a pungent scent.

I DON'T LIKE that it:
  • does not control oil.
  • reflects a bit on flash photography.
  • is not available locally.

Will I repurchase?
If it is readily available in the local market, YES.

The photo below shows how a layer of Kiko Medium Foundation looks on me. It covers minor discolorations on my cheeks and somehow conceals the redness on the sides of my nose and the darkness going on my undereye area. 

This is how it looks on flash photography. It looks fine, actually. I just don't like how the flash emphasizes the wrong shade match. Oh, pardon the lack of blending happening on my hair line. hehe! :)

Though it gives a decent amount of coverage, I still further conceal my undereye circles. This is how it looks after I am done with concealing and after setting it with powder.

So with all the positive thoughts I have with Kiko Medium Foundation, I can say that I like this foundation. It covers decently and lasts for about 5-6 hours without fading. Oh, it is so inexpensive too! Too bad, Kiko Cosmetics is not yet available locally. Shall we request online sellers to bring in Kiko? :)

May I know what foundation do you use everyday? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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