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Have you had those days that your eyes get swollen because of tiredness? That despite numerous tries of cold compress and makeup hacks, the swelling still stays? Lately, aside from covering the dark marks I have on my face, hiding swollen and dark undereyes is one of the battles I have to face everyday. For the times I couldn't dare to live with it, I use squared sunglasses to hide it.

I have a handful of sunglasses in my closet with each one of them getting a bit of my love. But lately, I am playing favorites with my Oakley Jupiter I got from Glasses Online. I jumped off my usual taste of big and girly sunglasses when I got this pair. For some reasons, out of tons of sunglasses available on Glasses Online, my eyes were glued on the manly Oakley shades.

The Jade Iridium lenses bordered by a polished black frames of Oakley Jupiter got me. It is masculine in appearance but the shape suits my face perfectly. It is lightweight, perfect for long hours of use. To top that, it is trendy and fashionable.

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So how does this pair cover my undereyes? It's does the job perfectly, darling! This got my dark, swollen undereyes covered.

Expect too see me often with the Oakley Jupiter sitting on my cheekbones. Saying that also means I am often seen with dark and swollen undereyes. :)

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♥ Jes ♥

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