Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow

It takes me a minimum of an hour to go to work, that includes the hustle and bustle of city driving. That means I have to be up extra early just to make sure I am able to completely do my morning routine -- eat breakfast, take a bath, play with my dogs, and do my makeup. Putting all the must-do in the top priorities, that is taking a bath and doing my makeup (ehem...brows!), I could no longer do my usual. So reflecting on that, I had to slim down my routine especially my brow routine which takes 40% of my prep time! How to do that? Use only one product!

My preferred brow definition needs a brow pencil, a brow powder, a brow gel, and a concealer. A lot, I know. But since I have to cut down my brow routine in half, I need to choose only one product to use. Weighing the choices, I tried just using a pencil. I never thought one product would give me the definition that I want until I met Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow.

Having beauty blogger friends rave about this eyebrow pencil made me set high expectations on it. I'll be totally honest though, I didn't expect it  to perform. Its simple packaging and affordable price tag do not tell much about it. But judging it immediately was the worst thing I did because this baby is the bomb!

Let us go straight to the point...

I LIKE that it ...
  • is retractable. No need to bring a sharpener.
  • has small,defined and pointed tip. No product wastage because I don't have to always sharpen it just to draw in the definition that I want.
  • is short enough to fit in my purse.
  • [the actual pencil] is hard enough not to break but soft enough to give color in one swipe.
  • [the shade 01] is a perfect shade for my brows.
  • is not waxy.
  • gives a natural-looking brows.
  • lasts the whole day. No need for retouching because it can withstand sweat and oil.
  • is very affordable. Each pencil costs less than Php250.00 which lasts about a month of everyday use.

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • not refillable. The plastic tube goes to waste after you're done with the pencil.
  • doesn't help in taming the brow hairs.

The shade 01 suits my choice of brow definition perfectly. It is a true brown color - no red undertone or whatsoever. It is also dark enough to match my dark hair and it doesn't appear black once overdone, which I am guilty at doing as always.

This is how Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow in 01 fares on me. This kind of definition was achieved with just the pencil. Awesome, isn't it?

Since it somehow bothers me that the black brow hair stands out more, I normally set everything in with an eyebrow gel. In just a few swipe, my brows looks perfect. In my opinion, at least. :)

How much do I love the Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow? I love it so much that I am already on my 2nd pencil (on my way to 3rd, actually) as I write this post. It has been my go to everyday eyebrow pencil since I found out how good it is. It doesn't just cut my eyebrow routine in half, it also gives my brows the perfect definition and shading that I want.

Heroine Make is a promising brand, believe me. I can't wait to share with you my thoughts on other products from the brand I am currently trying out. :)

How about you -- if you are to use only one eyebrow product, what would it be? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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