Jergens 7-Day Challenge | Mission # 2: Left vs. Right

I know, I am way too late for my Jergens 7-Day Challenge! I couldn't use my camera as the memory card of it is currently with the boyfriend who's using it to tweak something in my Wii. To make up for the backlog, I decided to use my phone to take photos. I hope the turnout is decent enough.

For the second day of the challenge, I was asked to just apply the new Jergens on my left arm and leave the right arm bare. Right after application, the difference could already be seen and felt. My left arm felt smooth and well-hydrated while my right felt like blah, which is normal if I don't apply lotion on it. It was quite noticeable (see the pheto below) that my left arm looks brighter and  more refreshed.

On this challenge, I used the Jergens Soothing Aloe. This particular variant helps reveal deeply luminous, visibly more refreshed skin. It contains hydralucence that illuminates the skin! Since I was so amazed by the result, I started using this variant everyday. The glow it gives my skin is incomparable!

Mission # 2: Accomplished! :)


♥ Jes ♥

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