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Lately, I have noticed that stress and lack of enough sleep are slowly takings its toll on my skin. Though I religiously tend to my skin with the usual cleanse-tone-moisturize routine, my skin still feels and looks blah. Since I want to keep my skin at the best condition possible, I decided to go beyond skin deep in improving the health of my skin.

Skin, being the largest organ of the body requires caring far more than aesthetics. It has a complex systems and layers of nerves, glands and cell layers that need to be tapped once in a while to optimize their functions. There are so many ways on how to take care of our skin, like healthy diet and exfoliation, but now let us focus on deep cleaning that stimulates better blood circulation.

I am sure you have heard and read about Clarisonic. It's a cult favorite, if I am not mistaken.  I, myself, almost jumped into the bandwagon but I was quite apprehensive on shelling out much for it. I was on the lookout for a cheaper alternative when Luxola introduced to me the Mirenesse Pebblesonic.

Introducing Zen-Sonic Tap Technology (ZST), 3000 tapping silicone tips at 100 taps per second that sounds pretty powerful! Yet ZST technology is gentle enough even on sensitive skin, but works amazingly efficiently to dislodge all impurities, purifying the skin to leave your skin looking amazingly clean, clear, relaxed and fresh.

The Mirenesse Pebblesonic package comes with the Pebblesonic device, a black pouch, a charging cable and 2 cleansers (not in photo) -- 1 for day and 1 for night. The charging cable has as USB end that can be connected into any USB port or USB charger.

The device itself has multiple brush surface for cleansing different skin areas. The thinner tips are meant to be used to cleanse the face while the thicker side is for the other areas like the chest and the back. 

The tips are made of silicone that are very gentle on the skin. Once turned on, it starts to vibrate/tap which stimulates blood circulation that makes the skin glow from within.

I LIKE that it ...
  • is compact and lightweight. The size is perfect for the size of my hand -- not too small nor too big. Its size is also perfect for traveling.
  • is gentle on the skin. Despite everyday use, the silicone tips don't wear out and feel scratchy.
  • deep-cleanses my skin. After use, my skin feels smooth and supple.
  • has controllable tapping intensity.
  • is USB rechargeable. I can bring it with me wherever I go without the worries of incompatibility of voltages.
  • massages the skin with its tapping motion.
  • turns off automatically after 3 minutes.
  • [one full charge] last for a long time. Until now, I haven't recharged my device. It is still working perfectly.
  • has an LED indicator.
  • is waterproof!
  • is easy to use. Just press the center button to turn it on and use.
  • comes with 2 cleansers -- one for day and one for night. These cleansers feel good on the skin. Both leave the skin with a minty feel which I love.
  • can be used with other cleansers.
  • has 2 years warranty and 10 years guarantee! How about that for customer service?
  • [Luxola] processes and ships the items in less than a week. I got mine about 3 days after I confirmed the order. 

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • not available locally. Good thing, Luxola ships to the Philippines.
  • [the cleansers] smell weird. They don't smell funky though, I just don't like how they smell.
  • is expensive at S$199 or roughly Php6,700.

Since I am on a strict I-need-to-get-my-old-skin-condition kind of skin routine, I use the Mirenesse Pebblesonic every morning. I like how the tapping makes my skin awaken and stimulates the circulation. Whenever I wear heavy makeup, I use the Pebblesonic to deeply cleanse my face. It ensures that there are no makeup residue left on my skin.

Now, with the religious use of the Mirenesse Pebblesonic, my skin feels amazing smooth and supple. The scars are still there but the fact that my skin is slowly regaining its elasticity and smoothness is already a huge plus. I hope the picture below justifies the difference this device has made onto my skin.

The price of the Mirenesse Pebblesonic is a bit steep, actually. But thinking of it as an investment, the price is reasonable enough. Given that it is guaranteed to last for more than 10 years, investing on the Mirenesse Pebblesonic still is more practical than going to a facial salon every two weeks.

The Mirenesse Pebblesonic (+ 2 cleansers) is available at If you are to purchase this or anything at Luxola, use the code BLX-ROQUE at checkout to enjoy 15% off on your first purchase. The code is valid until the end of March. You're more than welcome!
So are you up to invest on a skin device?


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