Event: Laneige Makeup Workshop

I have always been curious about Korean makeup. I remember asking Ms. Marge of KikayTrekkie what is the best makeup product to get for a Korean Makeup virgin like me. I am contemplating on getting either an eyebrow pencil or a concealer. Just when I was about to finally get my very first Korean makeup (I decided to get an eyebrow pencil), it was out-of-stock. There went my luck -- off to the waiting game. 

Actually, I was not that unlucky after all. Why? Because my very good friend, Vian of The Queenvie Diary (one of  the sisters I never had), invited to me to come with her to the Laneige  Makeup Workshop for Beauty and Fashion Bloggers/Writers. Of course, I didn't hesitate in taking advantage of the invitation. I thought that it will be an awesome time to finally meet my love and be acquainted with one of the Korean brands I was dreaming of -- like forever! 

La neige is a French word that means 'the snow'. Snow forms when vapour droplets solidify around dust particles as they fall from the clouds to the ground. 
Snow is crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes, which are typicallt hexagonally symmetrical. Snowflakes can come in many different, visually appealing forms, including columns, needles, and plates. They are like works of art crafted by the hands of nature using moisture and wind as tools. Crystalline water ice formed in the night sky. Snowflakes that fall to the ground remind us of floral leaves scattered by the winds. Snow that falls on your skin shines like a gem. Snow that piles up on the ground is pure and clear beyond measure. Eventually, they silently melt to become water.
In the context of LANEIGE, 'snow is born with moisture (water) and changes into various shapes and colors as it moves freely in space time'.
---information taken from Laneige's Facebook page.

I know Laneige carries great skincare products but I didn't know they have makeup until that Monday, October 10, 2011, came. The makeup workshop series was a part of their launch of their new makeup line, the Dazzling Holiday. The workshop was held at the Laneige Shangri-La Mall by no less than a top Korean makeup artist, Mr. Min Hyuk Park

Mr. Park and the model, Marqui. Isn't she gorgeous?
Mr. Park talked about the importance of skincare and the right ways to apply skincare products. He also taught us to apply the famous Korean makeup look. Here are the some of the many things I learned in the workshop:
  • One should never neglect proper skincare regimen. It is the key to healthy, glowing and youthful skin.
  • A moisturizer is a vital part of any skincare routine. 
  • The amount of sunblock needed per application differs. Apply minimal amount of sunblock during the day to avoid the oily feeling and be generous at night for the skin at rest tend to absorb more product.
  • A brush can be used to make sure that a little amount of product is being applied onto the face.
  • Apply products in an upward motion to massage the face and avoid wrinkles and droopy skin.
  • Do not forget to use an eye cream!
  • BB cream is a great substitute for foundation, especially on a day makeup.
  • Set skincare products and creams with a powder. Use a brush to apply the powder and a puff to absorb the oil.
  • Koreans like the no-makeup look so they tend to apply minimal makeup.
  • Highlight the nose bridge, browbones and the highest point of the cheeks.

There were so many things tackled in the workshop but these were the remembered few. The event went very well and I literally have learned so much. All the while I thought I know the right things, hindi pala.

Here are some of the photos I took during the event. Pardon the quality! :)
How I wish I have all of these!

I think I like you!

The pretty Marqui!

Yummy snacks were served

Each of the attendees was given these as tokens: I am very excited to try these babies out. I think I shall reserve the sample sizes for my out-of-town trips. 

Laneige kit
Multi Function Mascara
Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Floral Pink (Full size)
Water Bank Essence_Ex
Perfect Renew Essence
Snow BB Cream
Power Essential Skin Refiner Light_Ex
Water Sleeping Pack_Ex

One of the best things about events like these is meeting great people! I hope to see you again soon, guys! Please check out their blogs! :)
Elleroj of In Good Shoes
Chryztyne of My Purple Points

For more information about Laneige, visit their website HERE and their Facebook page HERE.

I really wish to attend more events like these in the future. I know I have more to learn and these events will help me achieve success in makeup artistry. :)

Vian, you know I adore you! I hope to meet you real soon!!!

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