Is it too late for a Christmas 2011 Wishlist?

I don't know what got into me to make a wishlist just 2 days before Chritsmas. I hope it's not yet too late to let others know what I am dying to get this season. In you already have a gift for me, fret not! I know you know that I appreciate everything, even just the thought of you giving me a gift. I hope someone out there has a good heart to give me at least one from this list. Dear Edge, you know this list is for you!

Anyways, here are the things I am wishing to have. In no particular order!

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Any gaming console will do, actually, but I think a wii will make me the happiest. This console is for the man in me. I like in black because it'll sure match the LCD TV Edge is planning to buy. :)

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You know how much I love make up, right? So you'll understand why I need more make up brushes. 
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I specifically want Charm brushes because of its quality. I have tried it first hand and I tell you, their brushes are love! 

So you might be asking, why do I like 2 sets of brushes? I like the Vegan brush set because it's pink and something pink is definitely for personal use. The Pro set is something I would use for future makeup gigs. Period.

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I remember talking to Edge about how awesome Fitflops is and he couldn't contain himself when I told him its price range and I told him I want a pair. He said, "Why pay Php3+++ for a pair of slippers?" I said, "You're paying for the comfort it gives." He just shrugged. So it's obvious that he won't be getting me a pair this Christmas but that won't stop me from wanting it. I'll have a pair, by hook or by crook!

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I have to have this! 

Do you know where can I have it custom-made? Please help!

So these are only 4 of the many things I am wanting to receive this Christmas. I don't want to take forever to list everything I want. Haha! Getting any of these will make me super happy!

I have been very good this year so please, pretty please, let me have these! :)

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