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Sample Room is turning a year old in a few days time. How time flies, right? Can you still remember the very first set of samples you ordered from the samples heaven? I still vividly can and those are the Moringa-O herbal soap, moisturizing lotion and facial toner. It was love at first samples, I tell you. Not just because I got so hooked into getting free samples but because I was introduced to a set of great products that I keep on repurchasing. True story, I continue to repurchase Moringa-O products, especially the toner, until now. 

I am running out of my favorite Moringa-O toner but I don't have to buy a new one because I could just get free one from Sample Room! Sample Room just recently restocked Moringa-O products alongside the introduction of the newest and promising as ever, Moringa-O Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil. Full size Moringa-O products are available at Sample Room!

I am in love with this product! I am yet to give my detailed thoughts on it but let me share with you how awesome it works on my very dry skin! After just a few days of applying it on my back, where my skin is extremely dry and itchy, I already can feel how it makes the skin soft and moisturized! I think, it also does something in minimizing pimples and pimple scars. I have a horrible case of back acne. :(

The last time I checked Sample Room, there are still a lot of Moringa-O products up for grab but still, you have to hurry because samples tend to run low in just minutes!

Sign up at Sample Room (but I doubt that you still haven't) and start  getting FREE samples! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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