Review: Shawill Liquid Eyeliner

Monday, November 01, 2010

Since I ran out of liquid eyeliners (actually, a friend wanted my old one and I gave it to her), I went out looking for a good, cheap, and if possible, local replacement. I was with a friend when I came across the Shawill's stand. New brand to me, so I bought it and will try it.

 Shawill says: Waterproof type protecting clear eyeline from stains with sweat and tears.

  • Waterproof
  • Long Lasting
  • Quick Dry
Product Facts: 
  • Price: Php 128.00
  • Color: Black
What Jes likes:
  • It is cheap. For only Php 128.00, this is good for everyday use.
  • It's packaging is better than other brands. It is boxed and sealed with plastic.
  • The color is very pigmented.
  • It is really waterproof. I intendedly washed my hands to see if it'll be removed. But to my surprise, it wasn't. I had to rub it off to totally clean my hand.
  • It stayed long enough on my eyes. Yeessss!
What Jes doesn't like:
  • It does not live with its claim that it is quick-dry. I had to close my eyes for about 30 seconds to avoid smearing.
  • It's brush/tip is too thick, for me at least. I had to be extra careful to avoid thick lines on my everyday make up. This is not a problem though. :)

Will Jes repurchase it again: Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends if I would find another good and cheap liquid eyeliner. But for the moment, I will use it with my other liners. :)



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