Review: Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer in Beige

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I once had this in 2008 as a gift from a friend for our exchange gift in class. I badly needed a concealer then so I just asked E (by the way, she is my 'negosyante' friend) to buy any concealer below or a little above the agreed amount. And this is exactly the same concealer she gave me then. Let me see if after almost 2 years, my views about this product has changed. (Anyway,the only thing I am after in a cosmetic product back then was its cheap price.)

 Product Facts:
  • Net weight: 9ml
  • Shade: Soft Beige
What Jes likes:
  • Inexpensive. Normally, it is P150.00 per tube, but I got it for only P93.00. Thanks E for the brochure sale.
  • It is easy to blend. It is in liquid formulation so it is not a pain to blend.
  • Scentless.
  • It has UVA/UVB. Kudos to make up with sun protection!
What Jes doesn't like:
  • It doesn't stay long. After a couple of hours, your dark circles are already peeping.
  • It has only light coverage. But it is not a problem if you are using it on top of a full coverage foundation.
  • Its applicator is the same as the glosses and I simply don't like it.
Will Jes repurchase again?
The one I own now is actually a repurchase. If I'll ever find a good concealer of the same value, then, I won't buy this again. But still, I am in search of a good  concealer.


What concealer do you use? Share your thoughts about it. :)


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