Review: Sophie Lipstick in Red Pepper

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I first knew about Sophie when a friend (Hi, L!) wore it on another friend's (Hi, C!). I asked her where she got her precious one. She said, she got it from a previous classmate who she never got to see again. My whole world broke into pieces. I was so in love with the lipstick she was wearing and I was willing to give everything just to purchase one. So when I got home, the nerdy side of me kicked in. I researched all about Sophie. As I learn the ins and outs of this company, I was convincing E to be a member. Good thing, she did not hesitate. I could not remember when was the time I got myself my very own Sophie Lipstick in Red Pepper. :)

Product Facts:
  • Net Weight: 3.8g
  • Shade: Red Pepper
  • Price: P79.00

What Jes likes:
  • It's cheap. For the nth time, inexpensiveness of this product caught my attention. A good catch for only P79.00! This is the cheapest lipstick I know and I am currently using.
  • It has very good pigmentation. A few swipes will definitely cover the entire lips.
  • It is offered in many other shades. I have a few. Swatches will follow on other posts.
  • It has cute packaging. Its price is not shown on how the product was packaged. It can actually be on the same shelf with the other high end kinds.
  • It is offered in matte and satin finishes. I love matte lipsticks! It looks natural. :)
What Jes doesn't like:
  • It's hard to find. I mean, Sophie is not as popular like Avon and Natasha. You need to really have a friend who deals Sophie in order to purchase one.
  • It doesn't last long. It is not a big problem though. I can reapply anytime.
  • It emphasizes cracks and lines but a lip balm under it will be the hero.
  • The design on its packaging easily scratches off. That's fine actually!
  • It dries lips. 
  • It needs to be topped with a lip gloss.

Will Jes repurchase again?
Yes! I am actually in the process of collecting all the shades. :)

What lipstick do you love? :)


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  1. fave ko yung pink shades nila.. have you tried their skin care line or pressed powder?

  2. Hi bibzki! :) Yes, I love their pink shades too! I'll post some pics soon. :) Hindi ko pa natatry yung pressed powder nila, but one of my friends did. Hindi niya nagustuhan. :( I like their exfoliating mask. :)

  3. hello! i'm planning to buy din sa Sophie, nag offer kasi friend ko. I can't choose between red pepper and russian red. But your blog really helped me, now I'm going to buy red pepper :) thanks a lot!
    already followed you :)
    find me at


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