Review: Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in Personified Plum

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You might be wondering, "another lipstick review?" Yeah! It is another lipstick review. I don't know what got into me lately. I impulsively bought lipstick of different colors from different brands. Maybe it has something to do with upgrading my collection. I want to enroll in a make up school, which I hope is soon, so I am starting to build my collection. Yeeees! :)

I wanted a purple lip color. I wanted to use it in case I will be going with a subtle eyes and bold lips. I just like to establish a statement of my own. It'll look perfect right: bold purple lips and simple eyes? Anyways, I purchased it from a friend who is an Avon dealer. I was browsing the then October brochure when I fell in love with the picture of the Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in Personified Plum.

The first thing I noticed was its shape. It is not the conventional circular shape with a pointed side for easier application. I know you understand the shape I am describing. Haha! Its crystal shape makes it look elegant and classy. I haven't seen any brand that does lipstick shapes like this.

 Avon says: The brand actually claims that this line will give lips high-def drama which makes pinks pinker and reds redder.

Price: If I am not mistaken, I got this for only P199.00 with a free mascara. That was only a promo price since its actual value is P499.


On lips:

What Jes likes:
  • I love its shape. It makes the application easy and precise.
  • It has a fruity scent which makes it yummy and appetizing!
  • It is very moisturizing.
  • I think there are 11 shades available in the Philippines, from pink to red.
  • I got this for only P199 with a free mascara. Who wouldn't want that as deal?
  • It has SPF 15.
What Jes doesn't like:
  • The glitters/shimmers are too obvious. You can actually feel these gliding on your lips.
  • When struck by light, your lips tend to shine because of the too big sparkles. In some instances, this is cool but most of the time, especially when you are not intending to steal the limelight, this is disturbing.
  • It is too pricey compared to other Avon lipsticks. It is regularly priced at P499.00. But as I noticed, there is a promo for this kind every month.
Will Jes repurchase?
Yes, but not of this kind. I don't like that it is glittery. I may buy something that is satin. Also, it failed me on my wants of a purple lipstick. It appears pink on my lips, with glitters of course.


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