Review: Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls [ho.ney wax] All Natural Hair Remover

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One of the problems of women are unwanted hairs. One of the places that we don't want hair to grow and be noticed is on our underarm. I tried waxing years ago. I had it done in a salon. After that, I reverted back to shaving. Lately, I am having problems with chicken skin. Tiny bumps grew on my underarm and I am beginning to be frustrated. I love wearing sleeveless shirts and dresses, so hairs and bumps on my underarms are definitely a NO!

Since I have to look for remedies, I went online to research. According to some sources, shaving actually cause chicken skin. Que horror! I shave once a week, at least, because that is the most convenient and fastest thing to remove the underarm hairs. I never thought that the thing I believe in will cause my underarms some trouble. As soon as I found out about this, I looked for alternative. To pluck was an option but I find it hassle since it takes long to remove all hairs and I have poor sight (I wear prescription glasses, FYI.). Enter --- WAXING! Sources say that waxing your underarms helps in getting rid of darkness and occurrence of chicken skin. I considered doing this again but I know it hurts! Grrrr! I have no choice but to commit myself again to pain. I had to choose between having tiny bumps on my underarms forever and undergoing in a once-a-month waxing procedure. Obviously, I chose waxing and not have dark chicken-skinned (yes, I just made the term..Haha!) again. Once-a-month pain will not hurt, by the way. :)

At first, I was planning to go to Lay Bare to get my underarms waxed. I don't know what came into my mind to try waxing by myself at home. I was about to buy Epsilin in Watsons when I noticed a brown box lying next to other waxing thingies. I got one and read Sticks & Pulls [hon.ey wax] ALL NATURAL Hair Remover. Without thinking twice,  I chose this over Epsilin. Why? Because it is natural and inexpensive. The packaging has an effect too. :)

Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls [hon.ey wax] will spruce you up in the sweetest way possible. This sticky pot is a combination of locally produced honey, sugar and lemon juice. It contains no harsh chemicals and ingredients that can cause skin allergies that is why it can be used on sensitive skin and delicate areas. Making use of ingredients that are closest to nature, you can be sure that every jar of Nanny Rose's Stick & Pulls [hon.ey wax] is made with love.
It is a recipe, not a formulation.
The package contains (1) 50 grams of all natural honey wax; (3) reusable, washable, pulls; (2) wooden spatulas.
Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls [hon-ey wax] can last up to a year if properly kept.
Who, in her normal mind, won't get driven by those nice words? Blame me! I am a digger of good words and phrases so I got this wax. Haha!

What Jes likes:
  • Inexpensive at P99.00 for 50 grams. I used only a part of it so I don't have to buy another jar soon.
  • It has a very cute packaging. It adheres to its plan to be organic. Also, the wax itself is contained in a resealable plastic container. Epsilin is in a small pan without lid. 
  • Contains all the necessities for waxing - pulls and spatulas
  • Can be used hot or cold -- Most wax I see and know should be heated before using. I don't know if heating waxes is better but I prefer cold waxes.
  • Really smells like lemon and honey!
  • No chemicals and hazardous ingredients
  • Locally made -- Go Pinoy!
  • It is easy to use. I need not wait for it to dry before pulling off the cloth. After applying the wax, I place the cloth, then pull!
  • It does not hurt like hell. Remember a show wherein someone was dared to be waxed? S/he shouted like it extremely hurts! This product will not hurt that bad. Honestly, I did not cry shout. It gives a sort of pain at first but it'll ease after a minute or so. 
What Jes doesn't like:
  • Not available in all Watsons - I believe that this is a new product in the market so the company may still be in the process of reaching all parts of the country.
  • It does not remove ALL the hair in one pull. I had to repeat about 3x each underarm to remove the majority of the hair and pluck the remaining. Hassle! This is a major thing. Why? Because even if it does not hurt that bad, repetition of pain will be like...hell. 
  • The wax is hard to apply -- Yes, I mentioned that I like that it is easy to use but I never said that it was easy to apply. I believe this is the cons of using the wax cold. The texture is thick so I had to give time in applying.
  • The spatula is not a spatula, it is a Popsicle stick! I was expecting for a wide head and narrow handle for easier application.
Will Jes repurchase?
Maybe yes and maybe no. I am still planning to try the waxing services of Lay Bare. Their underarm waxing costs only P150. If that will turn out good, I'll prefer to have my waxing needs done by a professional. But if it would turn out just the same when I did it at home, I will just do it by myself at home. :)

I followed the instructions that came with the packaging except heating the wax and applying powder prior to waxing. I don't know if these steps have a different and good effects but I would still try those on my second waxing. There was reddening after waxing but I think it is normal. I waited for hours before removing the wax residue with damp cloth to let my pores close first.

I will share the outcomes of my do-it-at-home waxing. I'll also let you know how long it takes the hair to grow back.

Have you tried waxing? Share your thoughts. :)

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  1. Hi Jes! I believe heating the wax is a vital step to attain a flawless result. The powder's use is to remove oil prior to waxing so that the hair will come off easily. =)

  2. Hi Eunice! Many have said that too. I was just afraid to burn myself if I heat the wax. Also, I thought the wax won't stick on powdered area. Haha. I'll definitely try that! Thank you, Eunice! :)

  3. I bought this kind of wax. But do i need to let it dry first before pulling the strip?Because when i try to pull the strip thrs no hair stick on the clothe strip.

    please i need reply.,thnx.,

    my email

  4. @Anonymous - I sent you an email. :)

  5. i bought this wax last night at Watson and when i got home i started waxing my legs immediately. i am amazed of the result.. i so loving it..!


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