Review: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h

Who is in search of a good eyeliner? (*Jes raises hand*)

Yes, I am in search of a good and lasting eyeliner. I don't care if its pencil, gel or liquid. If it works good, I'll like it and will definitely repurchase. I was actually quite contented with my Fanny Serrano Gel Eyeliner. It is waterproof, easy to apply, and inexpensive. I use it almost everyday except if I am on a rush and opt to use an eyeshadow as eyeliner. Though I like it, it seems to dry up fast. Like FAST! I have to revive it by dropping baby oil in it which makes it longer to dry. In short, this baby is still fail. Oh, did I say it also creases on me? :(

Those are basically the reasons why I still look for an eyeliner. I was then planning to get the L'oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner when Edge messaged me that he got me the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner a.k.a 1-Day Tattoo. You won't believe that I actually jumped off the chair I was sitting on when I read his message. He perfectly knows that I am dying to get my hands on this baby. I first knew about this when Bubz of Youtube's Bubzbeauty (click the link to see her channel) featured this on her vlog. She refers this as her favorite eyeliner. I fell in love immediately. Why? First, because it has a good name (1-day tattoo) which holds to its goal to be super waterproof and second, a guru swears by it. But sadly, it is NOT available locally. It is only sold in Japan and Singapore, if I am not mistaken. SO, imagine how happy I am to have this bad boy!

I think 'wp' stands for waterproof. :)
Photo source
This was a dream come  true!!! The excited me was not able to take pictures of its packaging. Boo!

The tip looks like this:

What Jes' likes:
  • It looks like an ordinary black pen which makes application a bit easier.
  • The felt tip makes thin and thick lines perfectly.
  • It dries up quick after application.
  • It doesn't smudge or crease! Yipee!
  • WATERPROOF! I once intentionally washed my face with this on, it stayed on! As if nothing happened!
  • It doesn't look rubbery or too harsh on the eyes.
  • Can be removed easily with GOOD make up removers. Yes, I mean good. You know that there are make up removers that don't do their job.
What Jes doesn't like:
  • Some may find it pricey for an eyeliner at  ¥1350 (around 800++ in Philippine Peso) but for me, it is worth its price.
  • NOT available locally. Some Multiply sellers may carry it as pre-orders. I haven't checked it, though.

This was just given by Edge and I don't know it I can still repurchase after I finish the one  have now. It is not available locally which is the HUGE problem. Newbies in liquid eyeliners will love this because it can be manipulated easily, as if using an ordinary pen to line the eyes. 

One swipe!

The K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner is ♥♥♥!

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  1. looks good on you. nice review

  2. Looks nice! I'm in search for a new one too. Too bad it's not available here.

    Also, maybe you can use alcohol next time you want to revive any dried up gel liners. It's much more volatile (unlike oil) so it won't make your liner dry longer :)

  3. @DeBi - Thank you!

    @Aya - I will definitely try using alcohol. :) Thank you!!!

  4. No prob. Lemme know if it works :)

    I tagged you by the way :)

  5. This is soo cool!!! Like, one swipe is all it takes! :O

  6. @Aya - Thanks for the tag. I'll do it sometime soon. I am actually assessing the top 10 things that I love. :)

    @Michelle - Yeah! One swipe goes a very long way.

  7. i've been wantin to try this product!!!:)

  8. This is amazing. i'd like to try it! Thanks for the review!

  9. @Jamie - Hi! :) This is LOVE!

    @Catmare - Yes, it is! :)

  10. The liner's tip looks really neat! have you tried the In2it eyeliner pen? A friend of mine told me it's great plus it's available locally at any In2it stores.

    BTW i'm your new follower! :)

  11. @iryn - Hi. Thank you! I'll definitely try the in2it eyeliner pen. :) I followed you back. :)

    @Vintage Makeup - Hi! :)

  12. Btw, I just want to let you know that I tagged you here: :)

  13. i just got my first eyeliner pen like couple days ago! thanks for the review.. the felt tip reminds me of the dollywink one which i want to try one day!

  14. @Catmare - Thanks dear! I'll post mine soon. :)

    @Jbreezybaby - I also want to try other eyeliner pens. :) Thank you!!!

  15. okay now i'm jealous. huhu. i want to purchase that too. i hope someone goes to singapore so i could have it ordered. hahaha! :)


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