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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recently, I got an AVON Makeup Base in Green as a free product for my purchase of the UltraMoisture Rich Lipstick. (If I am not mistaken, the promo ends today, May 31. Sorry for the late information). I'll be posting a review of both products soon. Anyways, the makeup base in green pushed me to research on how and where to use color correctors. I have seen tons of colored foundation and concealers, and honestly, I don't have any idea about its usage. I just found out that different colors are for different purposes!

Now, I'll be sharing with you what I read from Please check out the website, it has lots of helpful information. 

Here's a rundown of what each color can do:
Green is a popular color for use in correcting redness.
Yellow is excellent for under eye dark circles. Yellow will counteract purplish blemishes or bruises.
Lilac or lavender normalizes a sallow face by minimizing yellow undertones.
Peach works to hide dark spots, veins, and some under eye circles.
White is strictly for highlighting. Blend it into your makeup on the top of your cheekbone to make it stand out.
You may read the entire article here.

This article has been helpful to me. Now, I have an idea how and where to use color correctors. :)

The information was copied from the website stated above. 

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  1. very helpful post! thanks for this girl!

    can i link this to my Bobbi Brown event post?

    lemme know thanks!:))

  2. my make up base is green, cuz i have very sensitive skin, so its red all the time, plus i have pink undertone~~~~but i think the colour correcting base is very helpful~~~~


  3. Thanks for sharing! (:
    I have really yellowish/golden undertones, but I'd never have thought of using lilac/lavender color corrector. Although that would make my face and body different colors? Hahaha

  4. @geishcharles - No problem, dear! Please put the website where I got it. :)

    @Jessy - I haven't tried the make up base on my entire face but I will try soon. I only put it on the sides of my nose where I get too red. :)

    @Tiffo - Haha! :) I hope not!

  5. Ooooohhhh.... This is some very helpful tips! thanks for sharing

  6. @Michelle - No problem, hun! :)


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