Event: MakeUpLove Went To A Clinique Party with AskMeWhats!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have been joining giveaways and contests for quite some time now. I don't care if  what is at stake are beauty products, cute stuff, or just discounts for certain brands. I am not just after the prizes itself, I also want the feeling of 'winning'. It has a certain personality booze on me. Like, "Hey, I won!' then I'll flip my hair. I know some of you understand this. The 'winning' moment was in me last May 18, 2011, (Wednesday) when Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats emailed me that I am one of the 10 lucky Clinique Party joiners. I know it was not a contest nor a giveaway, I still felt like I won...bigtime! And to date, this was my first time to win in a some kinda contest/giveway or whatever you want to call it.

Last May 17, 2011, Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats posted a bulletin on her blog regarding a Clinique Party for her AMW readers on May 21. Good thing I follow The Queen of Beauty Blogging in the Philippines through email and I get notified every time she has a new post. Call that stalking, I call it love. Haha. Okay, so I was notified when she posted the AMW Bulletin: Clinique Party for AMW Readers! Oh my, you could not imagine how fast I typed in my name and email address on the comments section just to be a part of the lucky 10. There were only 10 slots and the first 10 comments will be joining the party. I already saw about 6 comments on that time which meant there were only 4 slots left. I still took the chance and I got in!

May 21, 2011 -- Edge, the ever supportive boyfriend, insisted to tag along so he could take pictures  of me and the event while I am busy chatting and party-ing. He knew how excited I was for this event and I would love to keep the moments.  I was in Rustan's Makati 15 minutes earlier than the 2:00 PM call time. I grabbed some snacks to pacify my hungry tummy. I hadn't eaten lunch because I was afraid to be late. When I went to Clinique stall, I was greeted by Ms. Nikki's huge smile. I literally wanted to jump of excitement when I saw her. The fan in me went giddy. I was later on introduced to Ms. Mira Villanueva, the Marketing Manager of Clinique Philippines.

Snacks from Bizu were served. I loved the Blueberry Cheesecake! :)

There was a skin consultation for each of the 10 party joiners. I was 5th or 6th on line so I checked the Clinique make up counter while waiting.

When it was my turn to have my skin consultation, I found out that I have dry-combination skin. All the while, I thought I have just DRY skin.

My foundation was removed for me to try out one of  Clinique's foundation.
To tell you honestly, I was really amazed on how the products turned out to be on my face. Everything did pretty good. I specifically love the Dramatic Difference Moisturizing Lotion (DDML) and the Supermoisture Foundation. Now, I have decided to change my skincare routine and that will obviously include DDML . I will definitely save up to have my hands on those lovelies. They are quite pricey but are very worth it.

To try out some of their products, Clinique Philippines was so generous to give each of us sample products. The products given out were based on our skin type. I will make a separate post to give my insights about the products given to me.

I enjoyed every second of my first blog event. I hope to soon be a part of other blog events.

L to R: Marge, Ms. Mira, Iya, Me, Ms. Nikki, Alice, Trixie, KatBau, Rhona, Issa, and Kessa.
 Please don't forget to check out their blogs too. :)
 * Noticed how dark I was beside these ladies? Their skin were so radiant and luminous!

Thank you, Ms. Nikki for the invite. That was one fun-filled Saturday afternoon. I hope to be part of your events and make-up gigs (kahit alalay lang).

Thank you, Clinique Philippines for the chance. I promise to go back. Please have a huge sale on your products. Teehee!

Dearest Edge, thank you as always. I ♥ u!

Till next event!

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  1. hi there! nice to meet you at this event! :) ... you guys are making me want to start a blog, hihihi...

  2. wow, i was supposed to join, late by one person...lol
    looking forward to your review.. :)

  3. are you going to the bloggers united event? i really hope to see you there. :) had fun with you last sat! :)

  4. @Issa - Go start a blog. :) It's addictive. Hehe. :)

    @DeBi - Sayang. Good thing, I get notifications through email whenever AMW post a new one. I got in. :)

    @Iya - I'm planning to. :)

  5. awww...i hope you had a great time!i wished i can be part of a blog event,ive been wanting to since i started blogging! clinique is really good brand. nikki is soo nice to have you guys be part of this!

  6. @Jbreezybaby - I hope to also meet you in person! :) I want to try out Clinique's skincare products. It's quite pricey though.

  7. Issa -- start na blog na! join the party!

    Jes -- We never had a chance to talk but I really like your skin. ^_^ Being morena is really cool for me. ^_^ It was nice seeing you at the event! Hope to see you soon! ^_^

  8. Hi, Sweetie! Sayang we were not able to talk. There will always be next time. We could have dinner some other time. :) Thanks for liking my skin. I am actually having a hard time liking it myself since I am surrounded with light-colored skin people. :)

  9. love ur curls! tks for ff! reverted :))

  10. soooo jealooouuussss! i loooove clinique =)

    thanks for the follow! I hope you can join my giveaway contest! it has that whitening UV blocker you want =) haha


  11. Nice event! I also like Clinique products. Been using some of their skin stuff for years. Glad you had fun!

  12. @geishcharles - Thanks you!

    @The Perpetrator - I joined your giveaway! I hope to win. :)

    @Catmare - It was fun. I am super liking Clinique's DDML. :)

  13. how fun! my sister is a huge fan of clinique products. they have great moisturizers, and i love their 3-step system.


  14. @oomph - I want to try their 3-step system. I still have to save up for those. A bit pricey. :)

  15. ey there! thanks for linking me and following me! followed back.
    super nice to meet you. di parin ko maka-get over sa shade ng blush and lipstick na ginamit sa iyo, winner ☺♥

  16. @Marge - Thank you! :) I love your blog!!! Naku, baka tuluyan na akong mapamahal sa blush at lipstick na yun! :) Mahaaaaal!

  17. apir sis!it was also Dindin who did my skin consultation when I attended Project Vanity's Clinique Party and I have dry combi skin as well, ahaha!

    i have to say, i'm loving the moisture surge. have u tried it?

    ps: thanks for dropping by my site. ff u already :)

  18. Hi sis! Yey for Dindin! :)

    I haven't tried moisture surge but I am loving DDML. :)

  19. You are so lucky!!! I'm a huge Clinique fan - I wish they would have a party like this in my little town >.<

  20. Thanks for this post. I'll check them out.

  21. Hi Jes! Siyempre DUPER LATE comment na to! I read it way back but forgot to comment , alam mo naman ang age! :P

    Thanks for coming over! I had a nice time bonding with you and the rest of the girls, super sweet ng BF mo! Hope to see you soon! :)

  22. @Nikki - Hehe! It's okay Ms. Nikki! Age? What age? :) I hope to see you soon too! Hug!


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