Road Love: Ilocos - Day 2 and Day 3

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Read and view the photos of our Day 1 in Ilocos here.

The most exciting part of our tour was done on Day 2. It is when we explored the beach and the waters of Ilocos. I love anything with water. I always wanted to be a mermaid which I believe to be my past life. Haha! Anyways, we started with....

Blue Lagoon
There were A LOT of people. Good thing, the beach is too wide to accommodate all of us!
A lot means a lot. Almost all cottages were taken and there were people everywhere. Thanks to our ever reliable guide. He had saved a spot for us prior to our arrival. Before heading to the beach, we stopped over a mini-market where we bought fresh seafood for our lunch. The resort/cottages we stayed in offer cooking services. :)

Bantayan Cave

Just for a good photo, we climbed this cliff.
Destiny's Child -- Survivor!
Big aaaaarrrrrmmmmsss!
Bantayan Cave is situated a few meters away from Blue Lagoon. It is not actually a cave where you would have to bend to enter and scramble to get to the end. It is just an opening in between a rock formation. I had a very awesome stay in that place. I love the feeling of being on top of the sea. That is definitely love for me.

Patapat Bridge
I can't find words to describe this scene. Admit it, it looks like a postcard. :)
Paraiso ni Anton
I don't know why it is named as such.
We all, actually, laughed when we heard that we are heading to Paraiso ni Anton. The name itself seemed to be a title of a sexy film. Haha. But this place is definitely a 'paraiso'. The water flowing down the rocks is fresh water! By the way, it is potable and very clean. We even filled a bottle each. 

 And lastly, we went to the lovely
Kabigan Falls
where we stayed for almost 2 hours!

Happy me! :)
Kabigan Falls is my favorite. It has very cold water which was very relaxing. :)

We only had one left to see on Day 3 and that was the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. I was so happy to see this wonderful creation. I tell you, I could live there!
The rock formation from afar.

Big waves!
And bigger waves!

It was too windy that my hair was all over me most of the time.
And that was the end of our Northern Invasion. I love and forever will love Ilocos.

If you have time and budget, please do visit the wonders of the North! Ilocos is LOVE. :)

See you on my next Road Love!

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  1. I, too, have fallen in love with Ilocos when I visited their very charming region last summer. The scenery at Patapat Bridge is really breathtaking; I took a picture of it and used it as header in my (temporarily in hiatus) travel blog. =)

  2. wow! would love to visit there. thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.

  3. You're so adventurous that I envy you. I also want to travel. I love road trips and sight-seeing. wish I could visit Ilocos soon. :)

  4. @Ayen - Ilocos is ♥!

    @Hollie - You're welcome, dear. I'll post photos of my other trips soon.

    @gingersnap - Yes, it is!

    @Morbidfrank - *blushes* You can always visit places sweetheart!

  5. Ilocos IS love. one of my fave places. :)

  6. @Vian - Yeeeees! :) I love to go back in Ilocos!


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