Random 7: A Parcel from Nanny Rose

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I was out of the house when I saw an LBC truck parked outside. I never thought that the LBC man was looking for me. And to my surprise, a parcel from ARD Organics was inside, on our table, waiting for me. ARD Organics are the producers of Nanny Rose Sticks & Pulls. I have used and reviewed this lovely DIY waxing here

I appreciate the effort and I LOVE the card! :)
They sent me four (4) big sizes of Nanny Rose Sticks & Pulls [ho.ney wax] All Natural Hair Remover. I'll be keeping one for myself to try the possible changes done in it and I'll be giving away the others to 3 followers! The giveaway itself will be up in a different post. 

I'll be posting the giveaway mechanics soon! :)

 And one more awesome thing arrived a while ago, and it was a notice from our local post office.

I am not expecting for anything to arrive, so this was really a surprise! I'll be picking this up first thing in the morning and I'll update everyone about this! I am very excited! I was just afraid that there may be a payment for it.


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  1. Nice! Don't you just looooove seeing delivery trucks outside your house? Hahaha! I always assume the packages are for me. LOL. Yun pala sa kapitbahay :/

  2. weee....expect to pay something sa PO...kaloka sila eh

  3. @Aya - Haha! Tama yun. Madalas nga sa kapitbahay talaga yun! :)

    @DeBi - Talaga? Grabeeee! Sana hindi naman masyado mahal.

  4. oh please update me with the postal office...with how much they charged you :D i also received a notice kasi :)

  5. @Hazel - I got my parcel. They only chargeed my P40. :) That price was listed on my notice itself.

  6. I had so much fun meeting you earlier! stay pretty!

    I can't wait to see our pics! :)


  7. Thanks for sharing this! Interesting!


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