Review: Nivea Sparkling White UV Blocker

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello, lovelies! First of all, sorry for the lack of posts. The most I think I did for the past weeks was just two. I know I should have not excused myself but honestly, I am on the most challenging routine of my life. By challenging I mean, sleeping early to make it up for my very early start of the day. Very early = 6 AM! As everyone knows, I am a night-person. Working and thinking about stuff is easy for me when done at night, so can you imagine how my life is changing from night to day? I am not complaining, I will never be. I love what I am doing to a way that I am willing to change my entire routine just for this thing.

Since I start my day at the earliest possible time, I am usually experiencing the intense heat of the sun at around 10 AM to 3 PM. Usual scene would be me, the teacher, running after the playing students in the midst of sunlight. I actually have no choice but to look after those running little ones. I care for them that much that I am willing to be under the sun though I know the consequences it would later on give me. To at least have an armor against the battling heat and sunlight, I apply sunblock religiously. I don't own many sunblocks. Actually, I only have two and both are from Nivea. These are the Nivea Sun Moisturising Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 and the Nivea Sparkling White UV Blocker SPF 30. The latter is my everyday shield.

This was part of my winnings from The Perpetrator's giveaway. I have only been using this for two weeks now but it has already swept me off my feet . This is now a regular on my everyday skincare routine. It is  sometimes on its solo act when I have a little time left to do my face. Please forgive me as I am being too wordy. This what I become when I am in love...with a product!

Sheree of The Perpetrator included an information leaflet about this product, which I will be sharing to everyone. Warning: Overloaded with information but definitely worth reading!

Whitens, Hydrates & Protects For Glowing Skin
Even Under the Sun

What does it do?
1. Whitening from inside and outside
  • Outer fairness: White Crystallites naturally reflecting micro pigments 
  • Inner Whitening:
    • White Pure Actives which regulate melanin production to support the skin's lightening process and reduce appearance of dark spots
    • Soy Extract supports repair and renewal process for fairer skin complexion
2. Boosts skin hydration: contains Hyaluronic Acod which instantly boosts skin's moisture promoting a smoother, translucent yet oil-free appearance
3. Protection against sun damage and redarkening
  • advanced SPF30 PA++ UVA and UVB filter system protects your skin against the appearance of dark spots due to sun exposure

Those are A LOT of words! Do you still want to know what I say about this product?

What I like about it:
  •  Affordable at Php400 for 50ml.
  • I love the packaging. The pump dispenser makes it easier to control the amount of product.
  • Light on the skin
  • VERY easy to apply and blend all throughout the skin

  • A little goes a long way
  •  I love the scent!
  • Water-based and oil-free
  • Keeps my skin moisturized
  • Has a good SPF 30 for everyday use
  • It has whitening effects though I am not after it.

What I don't like about it:
  • I sometimes feel oily but a little powder will be the savior.

Will I repurchase?

  1. I am not after the whitening effects of this product. I am in love with my tanned skin. I think the whitening claims will be on effect if you don't stay long under the sun. For those who are always in the field, like I am, this will just keep the skin from too much darkening.
  2. Since I sometimes find it to be oily, especially when worn alone, I powder my face gingerly to make it matte.
  3. Like the normal products with SPF, this tend to reflect on pictures. See pictures below:

I am so loving this product that I recommend it to anyone who looks for an affordable and easy fight against the harmful rays of the sun!

What sunblock do you use?

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  1. Thanks sa review sis. It's so hard to look for a sunblock talaga. Ang hirap kasi maging commuter tulad ko, i have to face sunshine everyday.

  2. @Sweethestia - Try this, definitely worth it! Commuter din ako so I know the feeling. Wawa naman skin natin kung hindi tayo magsa-sunblock. :)

  3. hehehe i'm not after the whitening effect either but for the price and spf it's pretty good ;-)

  4. i am using sparkling white face wash and it is too good .. !!

  5. would want to try this! :D matipid gamitin and affordable! :D

    much love,

  6. I wanna try this sunblock. :) Thanks for the review Jes!

  7. I guess this product is a great deal knowing it has sunblock:) and I been having a hard time for this month of July since I shifted working night shift and my face start showing the stress...grh...I hope this product will help with its moisturizer. thanks for the great review

    Happy blogging!

  8. oh great review, i have been wanting to get one of those for evenings :)hope you can check our my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! i am also hosting a rad giveaway!

  9. hi pretty.. nice blog and i found your reviews very honest hope you could follow me back ^_^


  10. @Marge - I really don't want my skin to lighten. :)

    @Jeeya - I want to try the entire line but I am not after the whitening effect so I might settle for this and the night cream. :)

    @Gellie - Tama! :)

    @Morbidfrank - You're welcome, dear! :)

    @SunnyToast - Take care of your skin, Sweetie. Night shift work will definitely show the stress on your face/skin.

    @Carolina - I'll check your blog!

    @rhaindropz - I followed you back! :)


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