Review: Colour Collection Matte Edition

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I am so much into lipsticks these past few days. I actually got 4 lipsticks in one go because it's on sale. Can you blame me? Haha! If I am not mistaken, I ordered about 7 different shades from this line but apparently, I only got 2 shades. I initially didn't mind it, but when I found out that this lipstick works, I had the biggest disappointment. That moment was if I met the man of my dream minutes after he got married. *That is way too mushy!*

Colour Collection may be sporting a new packaging so they had their old ones on sale. I am still hoping that these entire line will be out on their latest brochure.
Simple yet elegant packaging, right? I got these two for only Php119.00 for 4 grams each. Steal! I chose the shades Scarlet and Diva because they were shouting BOLD! I am so much into bold lips on an everyday basis just because I don't have enough time to apply eye make-up. See how bold these two are.

As usual, the ones on the brochure look different from the ones in actual. 
Scarlet and Vixen

Scarlet: It the brochure it is more on the red tone. It is pink in actual. I was expecting the turn out to be redder as the name implies. See the swatches on the left side.

Vixen: This was the first one that caught my attention. Its vampire-lips appearance is perfect for the looks I am thinking of. I expected it to be more on the violet side but the maroon outcome still fascinates me. Swatches are on the right side.

Photo taken under natural lighting.
Photo taken under white lighting.
Colour Collection says:
Feel the smooth, rich color glide along your lips with this matte lipstick that gives you all the color without the shine. Enriched with Vitamin E and sunscreen for nourished and protected lips.
To use: Apply color. Wait for five minutes for color to set.
Caution: Oily food will rub off color.

What I like about it:
  •  Inexpensive -- I would not have gotten too many lipsticks in one go if these are priced regularly. Got these for only Php119.00 each.
  • Great pigmentation -- Photos below are only done with one swipe.

  • Moisturizing for a matte lipstick
  • Has sunscreen and Vitamin E
  • Easy to apply
  • Stays on for 4 hours
  • Simple yet elegant packaging
  • No allergic reactions
  • No weird and annoying smell

What I don't like about it:
  • Available in limited shades because these were on sale
  • Available only through Tupperware dealers

Will I repurchase?
YES! Please let this line be still in the latest brochure. I won't mind the change in packaging.

  1. Matte lipsticks can be drying so using of lipbalm prior to lipstick application can sometimes be a must.
  2. To make the color last a little longer, blot lipstick on a clean tissue paper. Reapply another coat on top.
  3. Lining the lips may also help in making the color last.
  4. Bold lips look perfect with subtle eye make-up.
  5. I could help you get in touch with a Tupperware dealer in case you are interested in getting some of the products. Just send me an email. :)

I am thinking of subjecting myself under shopping ban since my final demonstration is only weeks from now. But I just can't resist sales. Oh please help me divert my attention to other things that need I not to spend money on. Haha! :)  

Till next lipstick review!