Random 19: Montagne Jeunesse Masques

I posted MakeUpLove Reads: DIY Facial last August 25, the same post where I admitted that I don't put on masques often. The god of great skin may have read that post and may have thought of giving me a chance to make my skin better with masques. The god used Phoebe Ann's blog as a channel to send me the message.

As usual, I received an email notification about Phoebe Ann's Montagne Jeunesse giveaway. You may read it HERE. Since I fond of trying my luck through giveaways, I joined. A week after, I was lucky enough to actually win the giveaway!!! I told you, the god of great skin wanted me to use masques!

This is the bouquet I received days after the winner was announced. Read the announcement HERE.

Of course, I'll be reviewing these masques soon. I am very excited to try these out! :)

Thank you, Montagne Jeunesse, my new BFF!
Thank you, Phoebe Ann! I adore you!!! :)