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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Makeup enthusiasts know the importance of putting on blush in a makeup look. Blushes instantly put on glow and freshness on one's face. Though it adds beauty, it can still make or break the entire look. Fact: One of my pet peeves is overdone blushes! Girl, if you're guilty, stop it ASAP! 

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My friend, Jewel of Madjewelled, commented in my Human Nature post that she doesn't know how to put on blush. Her comment made me think if I really know how to apply blush. I mean, am I applying it correctly? There should be principles behind any art, so, I researched. I stumbled upon an article about Blush in I tell you, I learned a lot from this. Blush application is not all about swiping colors on your cheeks. It still has something to do with the face shapes. The article below talks about the application of blush.

Notes: The following information, ideas, lessons and views came from the article's writers and contributors. I do not take these as my own. 


Liquid or creamy blush is usually applied with the fingers on bare skin or on top of foundation. Powder blush is applied with a medium-sized flat brush on top of your facial powder. You may apply powder blush on bare skin or over foundation, but be sure to take the blush sparingly on a very soft brush so it doesn’t streak. Add a thin layer and blend to see how you like the brightness, then add more if necessary (you may use a different shade) and blend again.

Warm-coloured contouring blush can be used to add definition to your face. Simply apply below your cheek-apples down to (but never in) the hollow, then blend up toward the temples in the shape of a crescent. You will need to practice this technique, but the structured look you achieve will be worth the effort.

To complement an oval face, apply blush on top of your cheek-apples in the shape of a slanted triangle.

To make a short face look longer, start an oblong stroke below nose level, finishing up at the temple near your hairline. Blush should be applied in a long and slightly curved line, away from the center of the face.

To make a long face look shorter, apply blush across your cheeks starting at the mid-nose level, then blend it upward and downward. Blush should be applied in a shape of a soft triangle, close to the center of your face.

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I honestly don't know if I am doing the right thing all this time but no one notices, so why bother? Haha! Kidding aside, I hope you learned something from this post. Let's get some glow on our faces!


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