Review: Human ♥ Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Pink Hibiscus

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I do not wear lip gloss alone. I mean, I prefer it to just sit on top my today's lipstick rather than wear it alone. This is with the exception of the Careline Lip Glosses (I have 2: 103 and 109. Swatches HERE and HERE.) which have the color pay-off like those of liquid lipsticks. I love the glossy texture it gives my lipsticks but I literally hate the stickiness of it. Still the curious in me continuously buys and tries lip glosses for reasons I don't know how to explain. Call it stupidity, I call it pleasure.

My friend, Jewel of Madjewelled, sent me recently a Human ♥ Nature package. It has 7 items (I'll post a review of each) and one of these is the Human  ♥ Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Pink Hibiscus. It was so funny why I decided to try this first out of the loot knowing the fact that I am not a fan of lip glosses. I got so intrigued ever since Ms. Phoebe of Bite,. Luxe. Snap. Wonder. posted a quick preview of these in her blog.

Upon opening the box, I was like "I won't like it!" The color is pale and it looks nothing but normal. I still tried it, of course. Did my thoughts about it change?
Human ♥ Nature Mineral Lip Gloss:
Introducing…mineral lip gloss with the look good, feel good factor! With a cooling sensation that makes it fun to apply. Passion fruit oil moisturizes and nourishes for soft smooth lips that will surely get noticed! Available in 2 shades: Pink Hibiscus and Island Berry.
Price: Php195.00 (~$4)

What I LIKE about it:
  • Affordable -- It won't dig a hole but may be a little pricey for some since I know a lip gloss that works like a lipstick priced at only Php60.00 each.
  • I love the box!
  • It has a unique shape (tear-shaped?) of wand which makes application A LOT easier! -- It can reach the corners! It also bends and follows the shape of the lips.

  • Smells and tastes pretty good -- Yes, I taste my lip products!
  • I like the minty feeling it left on my lips after application
  • Does not dry my lips
  • A little sticky but not icky
  • Stayed on quite long
  • Looks perfect on top of any lipstick
  • Made out of 100% Natural ingredients!

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • It's somehow hard to put the wand back in to the tube -- It has something to do with the wand's shape. I am always afraid that the product will spill off the tube whenever I put the wand back in.
  • Available in only 2 shades -- Island Berry and Pink Hibiscus
  • The shade washes my lips out when worn alone -- Too pale for my skin tone.

  • Maybe a little pricey for some

Will I repurchase?
YES, the other shade just to give it a try. :)

  1. I always wear this lip gloss on top of my lipstick since it washes my lips out if worn alone. The shade is too light for my skin tone.
  2. Use a separate, better if its disposable, wand if you intend to share this lip gloss with others.
  3. You may always reapply if you wish to.
  4. You may email me if you want to purchase a tube of this. :)

Read more about the Human ♥ Nature Mineral Lip Gloss HERE.

My thoughts about lip glosses didn't change -- I still prefer lipsticks over lip glosses. Nevertheless, I am loving the glossy texture it can give my lips! I know many love this product so if you want one for yourself, better hurry now. I heard it is nearly sold out!

You, lipsticks or lip glosses?

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