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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'hospital'? Sickness? Doctors? Healing? Medication? Death? I, honestly, think of the same things too. But last Monday, a certain dining experience changed the way I think. Yes, dining experience! I know some people who can't and don't eat in hospitals due to reasons I can't explain and elaborate. A friend introduced me and Edge to Qizia Cafe, a restaurant located at the back of a hospital. 

You are now asking why is it located at the back of a hospital, right? I, personally, don't know why. I am not planning to do further researches, either. The only thing I know for sure about this place is that, it offers great food at affordable prices! When I say affordable, I mean price ranges from Php100.00 to Php300.00.

Let's go on with what we had that night. We came from a very exhausting badminton bonding so we intended not to eat heavy. We almost killed ourselves  to lose all the fats we gained from the long weekend so why bother gaining it all in just one dinner? Each of us 4 ordered a pasta and some side dishes that would complement everything.

Seafood Pasta in Olive Oil and Garlic
This was what I had. It tasted not-so-okay compared to the scrumptious pasta dishes my friends ordered. I find it too dry. Nevertheless, it filled my hungry stomach. I just wish it had more shrimps and squids that would make it more enticing. 

Beef Pesto
This dish wow-ed me! I never thought a pesto dish can be oh-so yummy with a cream added. The beef was tender enough not to cause my teeth any breakage. Haha!

Tuna Pesto
 The Tuna Pesto is my friend's favorite pasta dish from Qizia. He said that it is normally served with angelhair pasta which was not available on that night. Sad but it was still good. It tasted like the same old tuna pesto. I like the beef pesto better. :)

Chef's Creamy Pasta
 This dish made me want to go back the night after! The word delicious was an understatement. It was creamy and very tasty! I will definitely be ordering this when I get back to Qizia!

Clubhouse Sandwich
 Yummy! It had hard-boiled egg inside, different from the usual scrambled of the usual clubhouse sandwiches. Worth trying! :)

Cheese Sticks
 I saved the best for last! This dish made me forgot my name for a minute. The cheese inside was melted to perfection! And that marinara sauce gave delight to my tastebuds!

I am really going back to Qizia Cafe! I can't wait to order the Chef's Creamy Pasta and the other savoring dishes! They also have yummy-looking desserts which I am yet to try!

It is about time we all forget the connotation of hospitals! There are some mouthwatering dishes that can be found only in places you never thought it would be offered. :)

SDS Medical Center Compound, Katipunan Ext. cor Pio del Pilar St. Concepcion II
Marikina City, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: (02) 489-0760

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