My Posh Experience at POSH NAILS!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I never had my nails done by a pro. I am insecure with how my nails look like and showing them to someone that has all the knowledge about nails is a big NO. I don't want to be asked questions like, "What happened to your nails?" because I don't know how to answer appropriately without being hurt. But when an offer from the gorgeous Melai of Style and Soul and Posh Nails to have a luxurious pampering day at Posh Nails came, I had no choice but to set my insecurities aside. After all, a ME-time was all I needed after the stress I had been through.

I was feeling terribly sick and down that day but still I pushed through with my appointment. Simple reason - I needed something to boost up my feelings. So I was at branch 5 minutes earlier than my 3:00PM schedule and I had enough time to take pictures of outside and inside the goodness of Posh Nails.

The interiors of Posh Nails screams, "JESSA!" The combination of white, pink and purple is just perfect. I felt as if I was inside my dream living room. Nothing but heaven! The girly ambiance made my stay way too comfortable.

I was greeted by their wonderful staff and was introduced to their services. I love how personal they are when it comes to offering their customers that best they have to experience.


Minutes after, I was lead to one of their sofas. I was given a glass juice and some magazines to read while waiting. At that moment, I knew I'll be treated like a princess.

I was given the Lemon Twist Scrub -- scrub, massage, and mani-pedi set. Since there were two personnel doing the scrubbing, one for my hands and one for my feet, I had no choice but to stop taking pictures and put down the magazine. The lemon scrub smelled so good! The smell lasted long and to tell you, that was addicting. I kept on smelling my hands. Crazy, I know!

The hardest part was choosing the nail polish color. I have no plans of changing polish soon so I settled with my usual color - black. I had it with a twist though, I chose the one with blings. :) Posh Nails has great selection of nail polishes that would get the customers crazy. 

I can definitely say that I had the best time at Posh Nails! I am actually planning to go back soon and try other services with my girl friends! 

Thank you, Posh Nails! You made me feel like a princess!

Melai, thank you for the chance!

Check out Posh Nails website for the list of their services! 

Don't forget to visit the branch near your to get your posh needs fix!

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