MakeOver Love 3: C

I can't believe that it took me 8 long months to have someone be a victim of my dreams to become a professional makeup artist. Haha! I had to convince my friends, whom I know will not every turn me down, to be in my blog and be a star on the series MakeOver Love. Fortunately, they trust me enough to subject themselves under the spell of my hands and my makeup. :) Anyways, check out the look I did with my first 2 victims, E and L

C has this irresistible, cute chubby face. I love to squeeze her cheeks until she screams for help. The morbid in me always imagine her with makeup. She doesn't not wear makeup at all simple because, according to her, she doesn't know how to. She did once since we were required to be in our presentable selves. 

  • pimple marks
  • sparse eyebrows
  • uneven skintone
  • VERY oily

The only makeup item she has in her kit (which doubles as her pencil case) is a tinted lip balm. She wants me to contour her face to give it more dimension. She doesn't want her eyebrows to be groomed at the moment.

Jes' Plans and Ideas:
  • Use a primer to keep the foundation and concealer on for a long time.
  • Heavily set the foundation and concealer with a powder to avoid the oily-looking face.
  • Lightly define the eyebrows.
  • Slim down her face a bit by contouring.

Note: I decided not to take pictures of the step-by-step procedures. 

Before and After:

Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation
Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer
Maybelline Powder Foundation
ELF Contouring Bronzer and Blush
Nichido Powder Blush in Tomato

ELF Beauty Book in Everyday Eye Edition
Fanny Serrano Gel Eyeliner
Clinique Mascara

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey

I so love the outcome of the look I did on her. The foundation and the concealer made a huge difference making her face look flawless. It may not be as obvious, but I contoured her face and nose to make it look slimmer. 

What can you say about the look I did on C? :)

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