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I hate that I messed up my queues for the weekend! I don't know what happened but both were not posted. I have been busy on weekends these past few weeks. Why on weekends?! How I wish I could get back my old schedule when I am occupied during weekdays and I am enjoying full blast on weekends. Anways, I have to still get on going!

Are you familiar with Red Logo? Actually, I am not. Good thing, my friend E is a dealer and she introduced me to the brand. Red Logo carries a wide variety of fashionable clothes. Since it is on a direct-selling arena, consumers can expect great deals on their products. 
RED LOGO LIFESTYLE, INC. (RED LOGO), the most exciting player to enter the direct selling arena, is all about providing a well-crafted and meaningful earnings opportunity for people with entrepreneurial spirit while offering choice selection of quality fashion and lifestyle products at competitive pricing.
RED LOGO aims to provide good fashion with gentle price points. It reflects the sense of style and taste of a smart, stylish, and confident individual.
RED LOGO is backed by a strong management team with extensive years in the fashion industry and direct selling. RED LOGO is an affiliate of Golden ABC, Inc., the company responsible for developing five (5) well-recognized brands in Philippine fashion retail: Penshoppe, Oxygen, Memo, ForMe, and Regatta. (

I have been eyeing on a few pieces but what really caught my attention on the catalogue was the FAB Cosmetics section. I have never heard of the brand so the excited girl in me ordered a few items to try. I got a concealer, a blush, a BB cream and some lipsticks. I will be reviewing and featuring all of those but for now let's see what the FAB Cover-Up Stick Concealer has in store for us.

I know you know how much I am into concealers so when I saw this on sale on the catalogue, I got it without hesitation. I got it for only Php189.00, on sale from its original price of Php295.00. It has 2 shades, natural and nude. Looking only at its pictures, I believe the shade nude will suit me best.

Just like other normal stick concealers, it comes in a twist-type packaging. The clear cover makes it easy to be distinguished as a concealer rather than a lipstick or a mascara. Admit it, some stick concealer packaging looks either like a lipstick or a mascara.

It is not as creamy as the other stick concealers that I have but it glides on smoothly on my skin. It does not melt easily, by the way. As for the real deal, I used it several times on my undereye areas and the coverage looks like this: Please forgive the puffy eyes.

Top: Without; Bottom: With
It did cover up my dark circles but not as much as I wanted it to. Nevertheless, the coverage it gives is good for everyday and perfect for its price.

FAB Cover-Up Stick Concealer:
A creamy stick concealer that provides full coverage with a natural silky finish. Glides and blends on easily onto the skin to cover-up blemishes and dark spots. With added natural anti-oxidants Vitamin C and E for extra moisture and protection. Waterproof. Dermatologist tested.
To Use: Gently dot or brush directly onto blemishes, dark spots, areas of redness, or anywhere a touch-up is required. Blend well.

What I LIKE about it:

  • Inexpensive -- I got this from the November-December catalogue for only Php189.00, on sale from its original price of Php295.00.
  • The stick-type packaging is a perfect for my kit.
  • Does not melt easily
  • The cover securely locks avoiding possible damage on the product.
  • Blends easily onto skin
  • Lasts for about 4 hours
  • Does not dry out the skin on my undereye areas
  • Does not emphasize the lines on my skin
  • Does not cake
  • Has decent coverage, perfect for everyday.
  • Does not cause me allergies or any skin-related issues
  • No pungent smell

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • Limited shades available -- There are only 2, actually, natural and nude.
  • Does not give me the coverage I want
  • Available only through dealership

Will I repurchase?
NO! I am still looking for a possible HG concealer that would give me full coverage. I am really after hiding these dark circles!

  1. If you plan to share a stick-type concealer or anything of this form to your clients or anyone, do rub or brush the product directly onto the face for hygiene purposes. Use a brush or a spatula.
  2. The coverage this concealer gives is perfect for everyday. I still use this, though I am looking for a concealer that has 'fuller' coverage.
  3. For those with dry skin, you may opt to skip setting this concealer with powder for it has a tendency to look cakey.

For more information about Red Logo and FAB Cosmetics, go to or look for a dealer near you.

I am still in search for an inexpensive but great concealer. Something that would give me a better and fuller coverage. What do you recommend?

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