Review: ELF Studio Lip Stain

Happy Sunday, everyone! :)

For someone who spends the entire day in school or merely out of the house, I probably go for a lip stain than a lipstick to give color on my lips. Whenever I am in school, I have the littlest time to check on myself and retouch for I have been preoccupied with stuff. That is basically why I need something that will last long on my lips. The best option was to use a lip stain. I have heard a couple of brands that carry lip stains (NYX, Revlon, and Styli-Style, to name a few) but since I am after the affordability of products, I went with ELF. 

The ELF Studio Lip Stains are available locally through ELF counters (Php249.00) but I got mine from the loot my father sent me last 2011. I got the shades Fashionista and Birthday Suit for I know I could rock these shades without hesitations. These were my first lip stains so I had nothing to compare it with. I am thinking of getting the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

Left: Fashionista; Center: Birthday Suit; Right: Clear Gloss
Swatches were done with only one swipe each
The stains are housed in a dual-ended tube - one end for the stain and the other for the clear gloss. It has the usual lip gloss applicator that works perfect in picking up the right amount of product.

ELF Studio Lip Stain:
Achieve full coverage that lasts for hours with this long-wear formula.
Enjoy silky matte color or layer on the moisturizing clear gloss for a shiny look.
With key Vitamins A and E your lips stay smooth all day long.
Directions: Apply the stain to bare lips and allow to dry for a matte finish. Apply the clear gloss on top of the color for a shiny effect and to moisturize the lips if needed. Remove with any oil or cream-based makeup remover or cleanser.

I have used these stains for quite some time now and this is the perfect moment for me to give them a review. Birthday Suit is a pale pink shade that goes well with a smokey eye.

Birthday Suit | One swipe
Birthday Suit | Two swipes
Birthday Suit with clear gloss
It is quite noticeable that Birthday Suit does not appear to be opaque. It takes at least 2 swipes for me to get my desired opacity. It emphasizes the lines and dries my lips like crazy. Also, it doesn't stay long on my lips, especially if it's topped with the gloss. It stays only for about an hour.

This was how it looked after an hour.
I am liking Fashionista better than Brithday Suit. Fashionista is a bold pink color that appears to be fairly opaque even with just one swipe.

Fashionista | One swipe
Fashionista | Two swipes
Fashionista with clear gloss
Unlike the Birthday Suit, Fashionista stays longer on my lips. Though it still dries my lips, it doesn't wear off as much. This shade is my go-to shade whenever I am lazy to put on makeup but still want a pop of color on my face.

What I LIKE about it:
  • Inexpensive -- Locally priced at Php249.00 (~$5) each.
  • Available locally in Watsons and leading department stores
  • There's a decent amount of product for its price -- 6ml
  • Lovely shades available! 
  • Comes with a clear gloss
  • Stays on longer than lipsticks
  • The applicator picks up a good amount of product for application
  • Dries quick
  • Budge-proof

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • Dries my lips like crazy!
  • Does not stay long as expected and as it claims -- This may probably vary on the shade. Fashionista lasts longer that Birthday Suit, for me at least.
  • The gloss ruins its staying power!
  • I hate the sticky feeling after the gloss is applied

Will I repurchase?
Maybe, NO. I have heard good things about Korean lip stains which makes me want to try one. Also, there are lipsticks that stay long but not as drying.

  1. Apply a lip balm prior to the application of the stain. This will somehow help in reducing the dryness.
  2. Oily food may affect the staying power of lip stains.
  3. Layer the color on to achieve the opacity and the color that you want.
  4. For a matte and budge-proof finish, DO NOT use the gloss.

As much as I want the shades, I don't think I'll purchase another ELF Studio Lip Stain again. I might try the ones from NYX and Korean brands.

Do you use lip stains?

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