How I Fill In My Brows

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

People often compliment me on the way I do my brows. Thank you, lovelies! If you know me too well, you'll know that I have this thing for eyebrows. I want my pairs to always look neat and well-defined. Believe me, the eyebrows can either make or break a beautiful makeup look. 

Just recently, a friend asked me to do a tutorial/post about eyebrows. That request got me to thinking if I am doing something special with my brows that is worthy of a post. And it led to a conclusion that NO, I don't do anything special to my brows. I am just very particular on how I groom it and fill it in to the shape I want.

I thought it would be great to share to you how I fill in my brows. Here are simple notes that you should remember before we start:
  1. If you still have your virgin eyebrows, have a professional to shape it for you. You don't want to end up looking like Mona Lisa. The eyebrow professionals will sure give you the shape that would look best for your face shape. Spend extra money to achieve the perfect shape!
  2. If you have the perfect eyebrow shape, clean up stray and maintain the arch by plucking or threading. Do not over-pluck! It take months to grow back, if they ever do.
  3. If you accidentally over-plucked your eyebrows, DON'T try to fix it. Let it grow and have a professional help. Just use a brow filler to fill in the bald spots.
  4. Choose your weapon of choice. If can be a pencil or a powder. What ever rocks your boat will do.
  5. If you have dark hair, choose an eyebrow filler that is a shade or two lighter than your hair. This way, the brows won't look too heavy or unnatural.
  6. If you have light hair (i.e. blonde), go for a shade or two darker than your hair color.
  7. Our eyebrows do not have the exact same shape. Fill it in by following it natural shape! Our eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

Note: The steps I'll be sharing are only based on how I do it on myself. 

Products you'll need:
  • a spooly
  • an angled eyebrow brush -- I use the ones from Marrionaud and Charm.
  • an eyebrow powder -- I prefer to use powder because it gives a more natural look. Also, there are more choices of color in powder than in pencils. I am using the Wet n' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit (Read my review HERE). 
  • optional: a brow gel

1. Pluck the stray hairs. Again, do not over-pluck!

2. After you have cleaned your eyebrows, use a spooly to comb the hair to its natural shape.

3. Use an angled eyebrow brush dipped in an eyebrow powder to trace the shape of the eyebrows. For a more precise shape, you may use a newly sharpened eyebrow pencil.

4. Draw the shape of the tail. Yes, I am that particular with the shape!

5. Fill in the sparse areas with a light, feathery stroke.

6. Use the remaining powder on your brush to define the inner part of the eyebrows. I use a slightly darker eyebrow powder on the tail for a more defined look.

7. Brush the eyebrows back into its shape. Also use the spooly to blend away the color.

8. For unruly eyebrow hairs, set it with a brow gel or clear mascara. :)

I hope you find this post helpful!
If you have questions, just leave a comment below. :)

Enjoy your lovely eyebrows!

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