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Thursday, February 09, 2012

My love for Sophie Lipsticks/Sophie Martin Lipsticks started even before I started this blog. Actually, these lipsticks were part of the first few reviews and swatches I did. If and only if all shades are still and always available, I would have gotten one tube of each shade. Currently, I have 8 out of about, I think, 14 shades. This would have been 9 if I didn't give Summer Pink to my friend, MJR.

Oh, I forgot to include Paparazzi Pink in this picture.

L to R: Russian Red, Fantastic Red, Red Pepper, Red Wine, Caramel Sugar, Velvet Nude, and Ice Pink
Paparazzi Pink
Please forgive the marks of usage. :(
Russian Red, Fantastic Red, Red Pepper, Red Wine

Velvet Nude, Caramel Sugar, Ice Wine
Yes, I am in love with these lipsticks as they ignite my love for colorful lip products. For just Php79.00 a tube, these are definitely worth collecting. They give the puckers a pretty matte finish. On the negatives though, they don't last long on the lips and can cause dryness. Don't worry you can always reapply and be sure to swipe on a good amount of lip balm prior to lipstick application!

Russian Red, Fantastic Red, Red Pepper, Red Wine, Velvet Nude, Caramel Sugar, Ice Pink,  Paparazzi Pink

I am planning to post an updated swatches of these lipsticks on my lips. What do you think?

Have you tried Sophie lipsticks?

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