White Result Exfoliating Gel

As part of my skin regimen, I exfoliate my face at least once a week with the use of a facial scrub. For years now, I am tied to the facial scrubs of St. Ives. I didn’t see myself changing brands until I was introduced to White Result Exfoliating Gel.

Last December 2011, I was lucky to be part of the press launch of White Result Exfoliating Gel (read my post HERE). We were treated to a facial for us to experienced the goodness of the exfoliating gel. Of course, I enjoyed the facial session because I had someone to do it for me. The real deal will be about me and exfoliating gel at home.

Gentle Exfoliating without the redness!
White Result, our no. 1 Skin Care brand and one of our fastest growing beauty brand boast of wide array of effective whitening products that caters to specific skin needs such as basic skin whitening, anti-aging and skin renewing.
In our thrust to provide innovative products, White Result is proud to introduce another whitening revolution, White Result Exfoliating Gel, it is a breakthrough skin technology that gently exfoliate dead skin cells, blackheads, other skin impurities for a brighter, smoother, younger looking skin and lets you see visible difference in just one use!
 It has B-White, an encapsulated whitening peptide that reduce melanin production for a brighter and even toned skin. It contains Aquarich, a natural moisture for deep and long lasting skin hydration that will nourish your skin, leaving it soft and refreshed. Exfoliating Gel is also formulated with Multifruit BSC, a blend of 5 botanical extracts namely bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon which are all natural sources of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that promotes smoother, younger looking skin by increasing rate of cellular renewal.
White Result Exfoliating Gel is made of 85% purified water, fragrance fee and no colorant with no artificial colors, this products is safe for all skin types and safe to use as often as desired.
With regular use, White Result Exfoliating Gel will even out of skin complexion, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It is also ideal to use on other parts of the body such as elbows, neck, knees and back to get rid of unsightly pimples. 
No need to spend on expensive derma peeling and body scrub procedures, White Result Exfoliating Gel lets you experience gentle, natural and effective exfoliation without the redness. 

I am using it for weeks now and I must say that I love how gentle it is! Unlike other facial scrubs, it does not have those rough particles that can sometimes be too harsh on the skin.

Noticed the white thingies on my skin? That is what I get after some rubbing. I love how I feel clean and fresh after exfoliating minus the usual redness.

What I LIKE about it:

  • Affordable -- I believe this costs less than Php400.00.
  • A small amount goes a very long way!
  • No rough particles/scrubs
  • No weird scent
  • Super easy to use
  • Gentle on the skin -- Gentle even with regular use!
  • Whitening and brightening
  • My skin feels clean and fresh after use

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • Only available through Tupperware dealers
  • Too liquid -- Be careful in dispensing the product! 

Will I repurchase?
YES! I use it interchangeably with my St. Ives Apricot Scrub and I like the results!

Note: The product was given by the company but my opinions and thoughts about it were not influenced in whatever ways.

For more information, visit!

I am not actually after its whitening claim but I like how glowing my skin looks after every use. Believe me, this product is worth a try!

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