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Monday, March 05, 2012

Fact: If you want to me go crazy, bring me into a makeup shop, enroll me into a makeup workshop, let me play with makeup, surround me with fun people and fill me with scrumptious meals! 

Last February 25, 2012, Saturday, the normal me had gone crazy when I went to The Suesh Showroom and Studio to attend the Suesh Basic Workshop sponsored by One Hyundai Club Life In Style. Click HERE to know more about One Hyundai Club.

Before the workshop started, we were given a chance to roam around the showroom. I was holding tight to my wallet as I was very tempted to splurge on everything around me.

I WANT this LED mirror!

The glam filled day was headed by one of the Philippines makeup experts, Ms. Suzanne Tan. She knows her craft very well that she was able to effectively impart her makeup knowledge to the attendees.

Marge of Kikay Trekkie was one of the models for the day

After the workshop, we went to The Frazzled Cook for dinner. I love this place! They serve great food and the ambiance is just perfect. :)

All of us were treated in a very glam way! It was really a fun-filled day!

Thank you, One Hyundai Club Life in Style for the chance! I look forward in joining more of your events. :)

Thank you, Suesh!

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