Lorys Hair Cream does wonders to my hair!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yes, the title gave out too much information about my thoughts on LORYS HAIR CREAM. As early as now, I'm telling you that I have decided to ditch my old everyday conditioner and switch to Lorys Hair Cream! Want to know why? Read more!

If not my finger nails, my hair would be my biggest insecurity. It's too thin and unruly, and has a life of its own. The reason why I don't give much attention to it. Whenever I need to go out and my hair needs to look 'done', I just either put it in a messy bun or torture it with a flat iron. I know it's unfair for my hair to be neglected but what should you do with the hair looking like this (look at the picture below)?

I thought I have tried almost every inexpensive hair product in the market that promises to give shiny, soft, and healthy-looking hair. But no, I still haven't because I just recently tried Lorys Hair Cream.

Lorys Hair Cream in Fruit Cocktail:
Lorys Hair Cream in Fruit Cocktail is developed and care all types of hair. Specially formulated with nutritive and revitalizing fruit extracts which help to protect each hair strand from harmful elements and make hair softer, bouncier, and more shiny.

After about 2 weeks of using Lorys Hair Cream in Fruit Cocktail, as an everyday conditioner and a once-a-week hair treatment, my hair now looks like this: Photos were taken using iTouch under room lighting, hence, the poor quality.

What I LIKE about it:
  • Inexpensive -- The 450g jar costs only Php185.00!
  • Given how thin my hair is, a small amount goes a very long way!
  • Fruit cocktail smells SUPER good
  • The scents stays on my hair for the whole day.
  • Makes my hair softer and bouncier
  • Gives my hair a healthy-looking shine
  • Available in 5 variants that would cater different hair types -- Fruit Cocktail, Duo Chocolate, Nutri Sun Gloss, Snake Oil, and Shea Butter.
  • Available in leading department stores and drugstores.

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • It comes in a jar -- I prefer my hair products to be in a tube or pump-type packaging. I don't like to dip my hands into the product. I use a plastic spoon to scoop the product out of its jar. :)

Will I repurchase?

Lorys Hair Creams can be used in 2 ways: as a conditioner and a conditioning treatment.

With Lorys Hair Cream, I can now wear my hair down whenever I want to!

Haha! It sounds like an advertisement! :)

Thank you, Ms. Kira and Outsmark!

The product was given for review. The thoughts and opinions shared by the blogger were not influenced in any way.

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