Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in OC-1

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in OC-1 since October last year but I don't have the courage to use it. No, I was not saving this for anything special. I just find the shade too light for my skin tone and applying it on my tan skin will sure give me a floating white head.

I was planning to just sell this and purchase a shade closer to my skin tone when a makeup gig was offered to me by Zeti of The Running Mannequin. Good thing this foundation was still on my stash because I was able to use it on her. For the very first time, this foundation went out to see the light.

I know how this foundation works because it was the foundation used in the Koh Gen Do Cosmetics demonstration held last year. Maybe that's why I don't want to give this away! 
Sheer HD Radiance starts with the Purest of Waters
Aqua Foundation us made with the deep sea waters of Rausu, Japan. It balances the conditions of ions on the skin surface with rich minerals and nutrients. These minerals are close in composition of the human body which makes it easier to absorb and moisturize efficiently. 
The Perfect Ratio for Lustrous Coverage
True 'luster' can only be seen on skin that is brimming with moisture. We achieved the proper balance of moisture to bring you this truly lustrous look. The golden ration of 45% water, emollients, and 20% powder combined for the perfect balance. Too much moisture does not provide coverage. Our goal was to create a beautiful lustrous skin with a translucent finish with enough coverage, even throughout the long, harsh film shots.
I don't want to bombard with you information that I myself had a hard time to understand. Haha! Seriously, this foundation claims to look good on pictures and a Summer Photo Shoot held last April was a great way to check its claims. 

Zeti's BEFORE shot (Photo by Ben Bigalbal)

AFTER (Photo by Gio Bustamante)

Though Zeti has a good skin to start with, the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation made her skin look perfect. It covered all the darkness and blemishes. I didn't even have to put concealer on her! And just like what it claims, this foundation is a photo-friendly one!

What I LIKE about it:
  • It has a pump -- Hygienic and easier to use.
  • Evens out the skin tone and conceals minor blemishes
  • Feels light on the skin -- I asked Zeti about it! :)
  • Looks perfect on pictures
  • A little goes a very long way
  • No weird scent
  • East to blend
  • Moisturizing
  • Stays put for a long time
  • Available in selected Beauty Bar stores.

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • Expensive -- I think each bottle costs around Php2,500.
  • The shade I got does not match the color of my skin

Will I repurchase?

Though I think this is expensive for a foundation, I still think that it's is worthy of its price especially when you are after a foundation that is long-wearing, light on the skin and picture-friendly. But, I don't think I'll purchase one for me. 

I am currently trying out the Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation which the shade is somehow closer to my skin tone. Stay tuned for my review on it! :)

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